The Goods at Sea Otter – Day Four

Photos Morgan Taylor and Matt Dennison
Date Apr 22, 2013

Things were wrapping up at Sea Otter on Sunday and people were making their final rounds. News trickled in about the DH race (hint: it was won on a 29er) and we said our goodbyes while catching a few more goods for the road. Until next year, Sea Otter!


Sea Otter is a great place to find weird old rigs. Ti Fat Chance? Yes please.


And if you’re one to appreciate vintage titanium, you may like to do so with a Chris King espresso cup set…


Easton is making grips – in both 30mm and 33mm variants – with the thinner version shown here. On the right is a grip made from standard materials, and on the left, Easton’s more durable production grip made from their secret concoction.


Available in all the colours of the grip rainbow…


Speaking of colours of the rainbow, Giro had some retro road shoes that caught our eye.


But more appropriate to our audience, the Giro Chamber clipless shoe, which had Aaron Gwin’s input on design. Another entry in the freeride/DH clipless range.


These bibs are part of Giro’s New Road line, but we thought they’d be quite smart for use under our baggies. Thin, breathable, and with a flap for unit swinging.


The New Road line also includes a pile of stylish yet functional urban pieces for both commuting and club rides.


Gamut’s new dual ring guide forgoes the stepped roller for a wide slider. Possibly less retention in the granny, but likely less hassle.


And a new single ring guide from Gamut, also making use of a slider on the lower end. This one uses a replaceable o-ring to quiet things down.


Vise grips? Cantis on a fat bike? What’s going on?


Manuel Beastly, Manbeast for short, was competing in every event over the weekend on this department store Mongoose fatbike. We caught him right off the XC course…

More random stuff from Sea Otter… anything catch your eye?

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MartinK  - April 29, 2013, 9:24 a.m.

For more info on the Fat Ti see here :


syngltrkmnd  - April 22, 2013, 10:15 a.m.

The wider slider on the Gamut guide makes sense - how much retention does one need for the granny? If you're descending in a 22T, you're doing something kinda wrong anyhow.


walleater  - April 22, 2013, 9:09 a.m.

Those moto brake levers on the Fat Chance might be the final remaining piece of evidence that humans roamed this planet.


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