The Good Work Beer Grant Project Returns for Another Year

Date Jun 14, 2022

Race Face, BC's original shore-core mountain bike components company, is exited to announce it's 3rd year of Good Work beer - a fundraising collaboration with Container Brewing and IMBA (International Mountain Bike Association) Canada to offer grants that invest in local clubs that want to do good work in their communities.

Good Work beer is a collaborative grant-building project, brewing delicious beer to support clubs that want to tackle big issues (like Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion), increase adaptive ridership, mentor new generations of riders, promote sustainable trails and build partnerships with others wanting to do these things too! We hope these grants create lasting legacies as well as inspiring others to work on creating mountain bike communities that are diverse, resilient and thriving.


About the grant program

IMBA is giving out grants to clubs looking to make an impact in their community. Bring your big ideas and lofty goals to change the mountain bike world through good work and they'll help you get started! 

If you’re a club looking to apply for the grant, here's where to do it:

The application shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes to fill out. We’re looking to fund projects that are visionary, unique and create lasting impacts. Applications will be accepted until August 31st. 

About the beer:

The Good Work Kveik Lager is a modern lager brewed with Kveik yeast. Loral and Saaz hops bring notes of honey, herbs and citrus, finishing slightly tart with a clean, mild bitterness. A good beer for good people doing good work.⁠ 

Once again, we had the amazing Ariel Wickham design the label artwork for us - an ode to the new ways people are using bikes to get out into nature, from bikepacking to gravel grinding, and beyond. 


Where can I get this delicious beer?!

⁠If you’re in the Vancouver area, stop by the brewery to pick up a four-pack or order online to get it shipped to you within the Greater Vancouver area. You can also find their beer in local restaurants and liquor stores across BC. New for this year, the Good Work beer can be found in select liquor stores in Alberta so keep an eye out! If your favourite liquor store (BC or AB) doesn't have the beer in stock, have them contact to get it brought in for you!

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Dan Webster
2 weeks ago
+1 Pete Roggeman

If you're in MB and/or SK, you can ask for the beer at your favourite liquor store too! You ask, they'll make it happen. 

Also of note ordering for delivery via (click) we actually ship across all of BC, flat rate of $15, no min/max order size.


Mike Bergen
1 week, 5 days ago
+2 bishopsmike Pete Roggeman

Thanks Dan! I was wondering about how I would get it here in MB. If gas prices were cheaper and I had 48 hours to spare for driving, I would go pick it up myself...instead of the heart of Canada, it would be nice to be the hand or foot every now and then


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