The EXT Aria Has Landed

We've had a number of EXT products come through the NSMB office over the years, but an air shock is a new step for the Italian company. Below is the text from their press release, and don't be surprised if there's a review of one down the road as well.

The hype surrounding our new air shock has been brewing for quite some time and we are happy to announce the wait is over! Due to the reputation of EXT’s current line up, it has been highly anticipated that this would be a revolutionary project—and the final product does not disappoint. An air sprung rear damper has been the missing piece in EXT’s already extensive line-up of high-performance suspension products, entrenched in
years of research and development.

As this is the first air shock from EXT, it is called the ARIA, “air” in Italian... which is saturated in novel technology and design approach. Though the EXT brand has become synonymous with unrivaled performance of coil shocks, their knowledge of air spring technologies actually began in the Williams Formula 1 program developing products for the highest forms of racing.


Early on in the project it was clear to EXT’s team that they wouldn’t be satisfied with simply adding an air can to their existing coil-shock structure-- high performance necessitated a complete ground up re-design Thus, EXT took the innovative dual-positive air chamber concept made for the Era fork and formatted a new version of it to fit the unique needs of the Aria application. From this groundwork they have created a shock featuring a noticeably improved air-spring able to reach high levels of sensitivity and support that are currently only achievable with coil sprung shocks.

The Aria’s hydraulic damping system is based on the E- Storia circuit design but implements architecture specific to the demands of an air shock. Excellent tunability of the damper is achieved by maintaining independent high- and low-speed compression circuits, as well as isolated rebound circuits. These damping adjustments have been designed to give the user a discernable change between clicks while maintaining enough granularity that the rider should be able to find the perfect setting.

EXT_ARIA_ambient_002 copia

To complete the package, the proprietary LOK 2.0 system and externally adjustable hydraulic bottom-out control (HBC) were integrated into the Aria as well. Plainly put, EXT’s Aria is not your conventional air damper. The combination of many of EXT’s proven features and a revolutionary air spring make it stand out from anything else on the market.



210 / 50 mm - 185 / 50 mm

210 / 52.5 mm - 185 / 52.5 mm

210 / 55 mm - 185 / 55 mm

230 / 57.5mm - 205 / 57.5 mm

230 / 60 mm - 205 / 60 mm

230 / 62.5 mm - 205 / 62.5 mm

230 / 65 mm - 205 / 65 mm

250 / 67.5 mm - 225 / 67.5 mm

250 / 70 mm - 225 / 70 mm

250 / 72.5 mm - 225 / 72.5 mm

250 / 75 mm - 225 / 75 mm

The teasing and refinement of this shock over the last few years only illudes to the fact that EXT is very proud of this new damper, and for good reason. This is a product that will sit as a crown jewel in the already very well-appointed EXT line up of dampers.
Its wide range of air spring curve adjustability makes it a good option for both end users and OEM partners alike.

For more information, head over to the Aria landing page here.

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+1 danithemechanic Velocipedestrian Endur-Bro IslandLife Smashingorange

Fox float X2 has just left such a bad taste in my mouth with regards to large volume air cans trying to be coil but be better.  Imagine a cappuccino extra foamy made out of 10W oil.  Fox would say "order up!" but who knows with this one.  

For the looks though, hot dang if it does not look every bit the part of a sexy Italian espresso machine mated with steam punk moto and a NASA space bolt.  

For myself, I am not on the EWS circuit with daily mechanical maintenance to my suspension.  I like the set, forget, neglect and neglect some more of coil.


+1 IslandLife

Foamy oil is a damper issue, not an air spring issue. And it's fine to prefer coils, but air spring services are pretty damned simple.


+1 Endur-Bro

"air spring services are pretty damned simple" - unless, of course, it's an x2. happy to be rid of mine.



"air spring services are pretty damned simple"

Provided the seals come off from the eyelet end.



But this is just the most recent version of the X2.  As far as I know, everyone loves the previous versions.  Don't think it has anything to do with the size of the aircan?



All X2s have significant flaws they're just slightly different throughout the years. Part of the issue is just how many versions of X2s there have been in attempts to fix said issues in few years - I really like my 2017 but I have a coil already bought and ready to go on for when it breaks and I can no longer find parts beyond basic service kits.



Big oof from EXT


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