The Banger Highlight Reel

Date Nov 5, 2015

We’ve put together a veritable feast of videos for this edition of Weekend Warmup; it’s just like the highlight reel on Sportsnet, only with way less poker and curling involved.

Brendog, Flat Out

Arguably one of the best racers out there today, Brendan Fairclough isn’t afraid to go big either.

Freeride in the Alps

Flowing lines and a little flambé action. Flair is definitely one thing the French aren’t lacking in.

Max Peythieu – Freeride in the Alps

BMXing Down the River

What happens when a world-class whitewater course isn’t in use. You turn it into a BMX park, obviously.

Man on a Mission

Andy Stumpf has never met a plane he didn’t want to jump out of. This one was for a rather special reason.

Skiing the Eclipse

“Honestly I thought it was one of the stupidest things ever.” How far would you go to capture a once in a lifetime image?

Lines of Lofoten

We can definitely see the inspiration for FEST in something like this.

We love big jumps. We also love big dumps, and with lots of mountains opening early, be on the lookout for a powder-filled edition of WW soon.

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