The Age of Ladder Bridges

Date Oct 26, 2016

The West Coast of British Columbia was renowned for the high ladder bridges and iconic trails shown in the early films of mountain biking and mountain unicycling. Dan Cowan (aka. Dangerous Dan) is one of the builders responsible for taking benign wooden creek crossings and elevating the bridges multiple human heights above the ground. Today, builders have moved away from the high, skinny wooden features, as the sport of mountain biking continues to evolve and concerns about liability have increased. The forgotten trails from the dawn of the age can still be found among the trees, memories of a time gone by, skeletons in the forest. The trails in this video are the most recent constructions by Dangerous Dan, but they too are slowly succumbing to the passing years and are being reclaimed by the forest.

Would you ride these stunts on two wheels?

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Jitensha Kun  - Oct. 28, 2016, 8:24 a.m.

For me avoiding skinnies and ladders has everything to do with knees and flow. Why interrupt the rhythm of your ride (tech or flow) to navigate something that could blow your knee on a janky dismount? The risk v. reward just isn't there for me anymore so I'm happy to see these things disappear.


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