Tannus Launches New Tire Inserts

Tannus has developed a tubeless insert to add to its Armour line, built for riders looking for the highest-performing tire and rim protection for their tubeless setups.

“This is the hardest project we’ve ever done,” said Youngki Lee, Head Engineer of Tannus Tires. “The market for tubeless inserts has serious competition, so we had to design something that we believe is truly a better solution than those currently available.”

Insights for the tubeless insert come from Tannus’s original Armour insert, which uses tubes to give the insert its shape. The tubed version continues, with the tubeless insert giving a new option for more riders.



Armour Tubeless’ shape blends both an in-rim and free floating design, hooking into the rim bed while arching up and into the main chamber of the tire. Since the insert doesn’t need to sit flush against the rim, Armour is easier to install than the competition, with a five-minute average install time.

Ride Feel

Armour has 50% more vibration damping than major competitors in small bump compliance, but in mid-sized to large hits, Armour creates a protected while not overly damped feel. Tannus athletes said one thing they didn’t like about other inserts was the “dead” feeling that thick shapes create, so the new Armour design acts more like a spring than a punching bag. It absorbs hits, but doesn’t eliminate trail feel.

The tubeless Armour’s wings also give sidewall support for optimal cornering feel, while not overly stiffening sidewalls and impeding traction.

Material and Weight

Armour uses a new version of Tannus’s proprietary Aither 1.1 foam technology and weighs 150 grams, lighter than many other premium tire inserts. The development team took over two years to create a tough, impact absorbing and active substrate that can be molded into the desired shape while being light enough for downhill, all-mountain and trail riders alike.


Testing found that the tubeless Armour decreased rolling resistance and improved small bump compliance, making Armour three percent faster in the lab than a traditional tubeless system.

Commetti Corner.jpg

Norbs Forest.jpg


  • 150 grams (equivalent to a tube)
  • 5-minute installation
  • $50 per insert
  • Two sizes available: 27.5” x 2.1 - 2.6” & 29” x 2.1 - 2.6”
  • 3% faster than tubeless in rolling resistance testing
  • Winged structure for sidewall support and active ride feel
  • Aither 1.1 proprietary foam technology
  • Available in two sizes: 27.5" x 2.1 - 2.6"; 29" x 2.1 - 2.6"

Tannus Armour is available at

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+5 Metacomet Agleck7 Andy Eunson Tjaard Breeuwer Pete Roggeman

I tried these for the first time yesterday and I was very impressed. It seems that the insert creates an air pocket similar to Schwalbe's Procore, but that chamber has four valves that allow it to compress. More later but ride one was very encouraging. Install was a snap as well. The weight of the tubed version was a deal-breaker for me, but these weigh less than most tubes and may allow you to go down in weight for both rims and tires.


+1 Pete Roggeman

Awesome!  Thanks for posting your early impressions.  I've been running the tubed Tannus inserts on my DH bike for two seasons now, and have been really liking them for that application.  No flats in all that time, no mess, and dead simple.


+2 Agleck7 Tjaard Breeuwer

These seem like a good compromise option where CushCore is so hard to install and so heavy. CC works great but really does seem like overkill for a lot of people where the XC version doesn't offer enough of the promised benefits.



I don’t know why Tannus (or you) are referencing inner tubes in regards to the weight.

It’s not like riders are deciding to run the insert or an innnertube.

Riders are choosing whether or not to run the insert at all, or perhaps switch to a bigger or tougher tire.

So, if they are going to post any weight comparison, it should be something like:

Weighs less than going from a 2.4” to a 2.8” tire”. (That’s totally made up, no idea if that’s true or not)


+1 Nico

I’ve ordered a pair for my hardtail. I’ll post my findings once mounted and ridden.



Agree these look super promising. And the price is right



Looks like you won't be able to top up yours sealant through the valve anymore them though.


+2 Cam McRae Lev

You can because there are holes in the insert around the outside periphery.

+1 Lev

Piece of cake. There is an air pocket so you don't even need special valves. I set mine up by pushing fluid throught the valves in fact.


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