FREE! Take the 30-Day Wheelie Challenge With Ryan Leech

Date Apr 2, 2020

Looking for something fairly low-risk to do that will help improve your riding, and doesn't require ordering anything off the internet? Ryan Leech has you covered!

Leech is opening up free access to his 30-day wheelie tutorial on April 1st. It’s all about slow, safe progression to getting that front tire off the ground. It starts with a quick lean back and crank of those pedals on day one, and gradually increases until riders are over that back wheel comfortably pedaling away. Then, at long last, at the trailhead for their first ride of the season, they’ll be able to show the crew what they’ve been up to while the rest talks about their newly found paper mâché hobby or 43-step risotto that they have—"officially”—mastered.


The best part? Pearl Izumi will be donating $1 for every rider enrolled to Trips for Kids, which provides bikes and cycling experiences through local chapters for communities in need. As well, if you’re unable to leave your home right now to practice hang in there, you’ll have access to the wheelie challenge through the end of June. Also, it should go without saying that this is not the time to hurt yourself, so heed Ryan’s advice, use caution, and save it for later if you’re feeling unsafe.

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