Steve Peat vs. Steve Peat - Are Modern DH Bikes That Much Faster?

Are DH bikes faster today or is Steve Peat just slower? The Santa Cruz Syndicate found out by sending him down Le Pleney on his 2006 race bike.

Peaty dusts off his 2006 race bike (that he won the World Cup Series Overall on), some old race threads and tries to put down a heater on Morzine's famous Le Pleney downhill course. Bikes have got longer, more stable, more reliable and suspension has got much better so he must be able to go much faster on his current V10, right? Can he even get close to his time on the current day race bike? You might be surprised at the result. Maybe Peaty was in his prime in 2006...

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0 wizardB Mammal

So funny how people think xc is some sort of tame racing. These bikes can handle so much and you don’t need an enduro bike to do stuff like this. During my weekly series we’re doing the same DH trails we did in the enduro race. As someone who races both Enduro and XC. XC is harder cause it’s full gas the entire time and it rewards the best overall racer since you have to be fast up and down.




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