Sterling Lorence At Work

Date Nov 8, 2016

Episode Description: Sterling Lorence grew up on Vancouver’s North Shore and has witnessed (and contributed to) nearly two decades of progression in mountain biking. Alongside legends like Wade Simmons and Eric VanDrimmelen, Sterling started riding and photographing the trails in his backyard. Shooting photos is a different world today than it was back then, especially considering the technology and riding style, but the Shore still provides infinite inspiration. Combine that with the passion Sterling has for shooting photos of locals like Thomas Vanderham, and the result is not only beautiful, but the process is rewarding.

Series Description: Snapshot is a series focusing on four different photographers and the communities in which they live and work. World-class photography is a mix of amazing locations, unique characters and capturing the moments that happen in between. This series tags along with some of the worlds best photographers in the Sea to Sky corridor and provides a glimpse into the way they operate while documenting the area’s remarkable trails.

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Sterling Lorence
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Thomas Vanderham (Athlete)
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Sterling always kills it.

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