Insides Out: SRAM ROAM 60 Wheelset

Words Andrew Major
Photos Andrew Major
Date Aug 3, 2016

On paper SRAM’s ROAM 60 Wheelset has all the features: 30mm wide internal hookless carbon rims, a relatively quick 52x engagement points for the rear hub, easy conversion between axle standards, asymmetric rim drilling, and as some commentators noted when posted the press release in February, a whole lot of fancy trademarked words to describe that stuff.

SRAM ROAM 60 Wheelset

Eagle has landed. First Impression: the chain doesn’t derail when you back pedal in ANY of the gears. Take that every 11-speed drivetrain on the market. Oh yeah, the heart of the ROAM 60 Wheelset is in this shot too.

Generally I’m in the “I’ll take 32x J-Bend spokes in my wheels please” camp, but with only one length used all around I can get over the ROAM 60 wheelset’s straight pull spokes. In desperation you can always straighten a J-Bend spoke. The issue that straight pull spokes ‘solve’ – namely breaking at the J-Bend – is generally only found on poorly built wheels or poor tolerances in the spoke holes. Phew. Okay. Now that I have that off my chest let’s talk about the plan.

I get by with a little help from my friends, so Jeff Bryson of Bikeroom fame is guiding, and hand modeling, this teardown and then Greg Minnaar Tim Coleman is going to smash the inanimate sh*t out of them all over the place and report back. Yes peanut gallery: once again I’ve convinced other people to do “all the work.”

SRAM ROAM 60 Wheelset

Hookless carbon rims with a 30mm inner diameter. Options for 24, 28, or 32 spokes. Standard externally accessed nipples for the win!

SRAM ROAM 60 Wheelset

Open a beer & open a hub. We’ll have some beauty Dave Smith photos up next week that show the true scale of that 50t Eagle cog. Yes, it’s HUGE. The ROAM 60 wheelset uses SRAM’s XD freehub body.

Just to clarify, while the ROAM 60 wheelset does allow for quick and easy, tool-free, conversion between axle sizes and hub spacing, there is no BOOST vs. Non-BOOST conversion option. So don’t buy the ‘standard’ version of the wheels thinking you can convert them to BOOST on your next bike. And don’t buy the BOOST version thinking you can make them fit your current ride (unless your frame can stretch).

SRAM ROAM 60 Wheelset

Quick, easy, tool free. Swap between axle sizes and hub spacing and the front wheel can easily be run with SRAM’s oversized Torque Caps™ if you own a compatible fork.

If you owned the previous, much narrower, version of the SRAM ROAM 60 wheelset then you will likely be aware that they shipped with DT Swiss star-ratchet internals like many high end wheels from Specialized, Giant and Trek. The star-ratchet system that DT Swiss has long used is reliable, durable, and low drag in its standard 18t format. But – in my experience – it’s sometimes problematic once you try and improve hub engagement by upgrading to their 36t and especially their 54t ratchets. The stock DT Swiss 18t system has 20-degrees of rotation, the 36t system has 10-degrees of rotation, and the 54t system has 6.6 degrees of rotation between engagement points.

SRAM ROAM 60 Wheelset

The new SRAM ROAM 60 wheelset is using their  4-pawl DOUBLE TIME™ driver mechanism.

The new SRAM ROAM 60 wheelset is using their DOUBLE TIME™ driver mechanism which, in a hub shell, is a four pawl system where two of the spring backed pawls are engaged at a time. This gives you 52x points of engagement for 6.9-degrees of rotation out of a simple, low drag, easily serviced system.

It’s also a proven system and ™’s aside, if you’ve taken many hubs apart you may recognize the internals of the ROAM. No need to reinvent the ratchet here, just the fastest possible engagement, the least amount of drag, and easy maintenance. There are other very reliable, higher engagement, systems on the market like King’s Ring Drive and Onyx’s Sprag Clutch but there is a reason most higher performance hubs (Hope, Industry-9, Profile Racing, etc) use a similar layout.

SRAM ROAM 60 Wheelset

Let’s GUT this fish.

SRAM ROAM 60 Wheelset

A quick hammering lesson from Jeff: Elbow higher than whatever you’re striking and make your shots count – the more times you tap something the uglier its going to get. Oh, and a rubber mallet please – not your Dad’s Estwing framing hammer.

SRAM ROAM 60 Wheelset

Blind bearing puller. You can also use a punch to carefully drive bearings out if you’re so inclined. The right tools make a huge difference so if you’re in the lower mainland and so inclined you can always rent some bench time (tools included) with Jeff.

One thing to note with the ROAM 60 wheelset’s hub, which is also true of some similar hubs, is that he bearings are captured on the hub axle by aluminum spacers. If you ratchet the axle of your frame down to the point of ridiculous-tight you can compress these spacers and it will not only fully screw your current bearings but it will also fully screw any replacement bearings you install up to such a point that you replace the spacers themselves.

Take it easy with the full length T-handle there Bikezilla. If you aren’t sure most bike manufactures have torque specs printed on their frames’ axles.

SRAM ROAM 60 Wheelset

Bearings captured in position by alloy spacers. If you have a history of ham-fisted overzealousness with the hex keys, follow your frame’s torque spec when tightening down your axle or these guys can get squished.

While the wheel was apart our plan was to load up all the bearings with a Shore-To-Sky appropriate waterproof grease. If you’re racing the clock then Jeff would recommend a lighter grease for race wheels when every second counts. Tim is going to be pedaling around on this wheelset and, as always, rain is coming so I had no qualms about loading them to the gills with the heaviest grease Jeff had.

What you choose (stock grease, lighter grease, heaviest waterproof grease you can find) will depend on your locale. The stock product in the bearings is never going to make everyone happy. If your bike sees some nasty conditions a rebuild from new could save you time and money down the road.

SRAM ROAM 60 Wheelset

Pop off both bearings seals with a razor blade. Choose the best grease for your locale, usage, and etc. Load it up.

SRAM ROAM 60 Wheelset

Just checking: The ROAM 60’s hub has spot on tolerances for the bearing spec.

Re-install the bearings and then the final step is to lube up the drive mechanism. SRAM uses a very nice rubberized double lip seal on their driver body, where many hubs just use a hard plastic dust cover. This allows Jeff to mix up a slurry of oil and Slickoleum that will last a long time, quiet down the hub, and keep everything running super smooth for a long time.

SRAM ROAM 60 Wheelset

Rubberized double lip seal keeps crap out and lubricants in. Slickoleum and oil to keep things running smooth and quiet for a long time.

It’s simple. It sounds good. It’s ready to roll. Look back from a long term test from Tim and we’ll let you know how SRAM’s 30mm ID carbon rims and 4-pawl hub hold up.

$900/1000 | €939/1043 | £720/800

Another high(er) end hub worth considering? Too bad it doesn’t come in pretty colours?


Aug. 4, 2016, 7:36 a.m. -  Garth Gourley

Never seen a post mount brake adapter offset quite like that. Is that to convert from boost to non-boost?


Aug. 4, 2016, 8:52 a.m. -  DrewM

Cannondale does the same with their (non-boost as well) carbon frames. I think the goal is to ensure the strongest, most reliable, cleanest mounting to the carbon frame but it would be a good question for us to ask Transition.

Thanks for reading!


Aug. 4, 2016, 9:51 a.m. -  Merwinn

Based on your comment and that vibrant blue, me thinks that there will be a Carbon Patrol review coming up. Cheers.

Aug. 4, 2016, 10:10 a.m. -  DrewM

I'm the worst at keeping secrets!

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