Squamish Shark Attack

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It may be known for more typical BC wildlife, like cougars and bears, but lately Squamish residents have been reporting Shark sightings. Hardly a surprise as the climbs can be steep and the descents are fierce. Perfect conditions for a Squamish Shark Attack.

Sid Slotegraaf shows Ricky Federau, Canadian XC world cup veteran around some of Squamish’s finest trails. “Go fast and pull up!”

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Ok, a couple of things.
First: chest mounts with gimbals, I can definitely get used to this.
Second: make mental note to get OneUp to stop doing such a good job of promoting Squamish’s trails. That dirt ain’t infinite, boys. Third: props to Federau for keeping up with Slotegraaf. Pretty good for a leg-shaver, guy.

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Wow that was well done


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