Squamish Folks: Matt Harris

Squamish Folks is a new mini-series by Peter Wojnar, and aims to highlight some of the folks around the Squamish riding community who make it extra-special. First up is Matt Harris, who has an extensive two-wheeled resume *and* co-owns Alice & Brohm ice cream shop with his wife Katie.

Matt Harris has been in Squamish for a number of years, and his life has centred on mountain biking for a long time. He's been many things, including a coach, a trail builder, a friend to many, and an excellent rider. When he and his wife Katie opened their ice cream shop, Alice & Brohm, they did it with the support of the bike community—and you see bikes outside all summer long. The shop was closed this spring due to Covid-19, but Matt & Katie have been selling ice cream online and delivering it all over Squamish. And they've just reopened for summer with some additional safety measures in place!

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+1 Pete Roggeman

That was awesome. And what a guy!


The trail dog pirouette move was one I hadn't seen before.


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