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Snowshoe UCI DH World Cup 2023 Finals Results

Elite Men

Oisin O Callaghan layed down a heater of a run to secure his first Elite Men's victory by a mere half a second. Likewise, Ronan Dunne had a great run to ground out a solid 1-2 Irish presence on the podium. In third was Dakotah Norton with another top result, although he did not take the win on US soil.

1st. Oisin O Callaghan: 3:07.624
2nd. Ronan Dunne: 3:08.120
3rd. Dakotah Norton: 3:08.987
4th. Loris Vergier: 3:09.385
5th. Bernard Kerr: 3:09.422

Elite Men Full Results

Elite Men 2023 Showshoe

Elite Women

Marin Cabirou locks in back to back World Cup wins, although she still trails behind Nina Hoffmann in the overall standings. In third was Vali Höll with another top result, helping her secure the overall series champion title.

1st. Marine Cabirou: 3:41.042
2nd. Nina Hoffmann: 3:41.386
3rd. Vali Höll: 3:41.702
4th. Tahnee Seagrave: 3:43.898
5th. Gloria Scarsi: 3:47.655

Elite Women Full Results

Elite Women 2023 Showshoe

Junior Men

Ryan Pinkerton posts up his fourth straight win, which secures his series overall title. Evan Medcalf was close to Pinkerton at just 0.327 seconds behind, tight racing! Mylann Falquet was just under 2 seconds off the leaders pace in 3rd.

1st. Ryan Pinkerton: 3:16.424
2nd. Evan Medcalf: 3:16.751
3rd. Mylann Falquet: 3:18.388
4th. Daniel Castellanos Liberal: 3:19.158
5th. Dom Platt: 3:20.373

Junior Men Full Results

Snowshoe Junior Men results

Junior Women

Erice Van Leuvan put on a heater of a run, backing up her qualifying consistency, finishing 6 seconds ahead of the other Junior Women. Taylor Ostgaard and Valentina Roa Sanchez finished second and third respectively with Lisa Bouladou on their heels in fourth place.

1st. Erice Van Leuven: 4:02.208
2nd. Taylor Ostgaard: 4:08.154
3rd. Valentina Roa Sanchez: 4:09.463
4th. Lisa Bouladou: 4:10.845
5th. Kale Cushman: 4:15.166

Junior Women Full Results

Snowshoe Junior Women Results

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+2 Matt Cusanelli Pete Roggeman

Hey, I think your first sentence on the elite women is wrong, Hoffman is still just ahead in second place.

If you want to read a low quality blog post on the season so far and send me pedantic corrections then you can do so at https://mrb-mtb.blogspot.com/2023/10/better-late-than-never.html

Thanks for covering the racing!


+2 Pete Roggeman mrb-mtb

Hey, thank you for the correction. Good catch. Updates have been made and sent in for approval. I very much liked reading your blog post!


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