Snowshoe UCI DH World Cup 2022 Preview And Course Walk

Land of Mud? POV w/ Laurie Greenland | Red Bull Bike

Everything about the Downhill MTB World Cup track in Snowshoe is tough, especially in the wet. It's so tough that even the best in the game need to stop and take a break when trying to navigate the track for the very first time. UK MTB heavyweight Laurie Greenland has two UCI DH World Cup races worth of experiences in West Virginia, but he never tried this course in the wet. Hop on board as he takes us with him on his run 1 of the racing week in United States.

DH World Cup Snowshoe Trackwalk | Wyn TV

Wyn Masters checks in from Snowshoe to see how the riders are feeling and how the track absorbs the rain!

Mary Berry Who? - Snowshoe, 2022. | Santa Cruz Syndicate

What else is there to do on a blustery day 0 here in Snowshoe but get the oven cranked up and see what culinary wheel-based delights Laurie Greenland and Jackson Goldstone can conjure up.

Challenge of the day: recreate a Reserve X Maxxis wheel using cake mix, some questionable tubbed icing and whatever else the two can find in the vicinity.

Spoiler alert, it leaves a lot to be desired and Mary Berry hasn't handed in her resignation just yet...


Wet, slippery mud for the first day of the 2022 UCI Mountain Bike World Cup Downhill in Snowshoe West Virginia.

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