The Smooth: Save Your Wheels With Gallic Style

In a world filled with tire inserts, Slicy Products from France figures there's room for one more. While it might not be great for saving your friends at the pool, it will help save your rims from expensive dings. Check out the details after the break.

As you can see on the video, Smooth by Slicy is not a pool noodle to save your friend from drowning. Smooth is a tyre insert designed to protect your rims from impacts and your tyres from pinch flats.

With the Smooth we offer you our vision of the Tyre insert system : a year and a half was necessary to complete the development to find the best products according to rider’s expectations.

The design is 100% home made (form and composition of the material). We have developed a specific EVA foam in order to find the best compromise between density / lightweight / durability & sealing.

The Smooth is compatible with all wheels sizes. Easy to install and suitable for Cross country to DH.




130 gr ( 29")
Tyre width : 2.2 to 2.5
Rim width : from 25 to 35mm
Thickness : 15mm
Price : 44,90€ (unit)

Smooth PLUS – E-bike compatible

165 gr (29"+)
Tyre width: 2.6 to 3.0
Rim width : from 35 to 45mm
Thickness : 15mm
Price : 49,90€ (unit)

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