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ShowersPass IMBA Jacket

Words Trevor Hansen
Photos Dave Smith
Date Apr 19, 2018

Showers Pass of Portland, Oregon has been making rain gear for cyclists since '97. They have a large catalog of cycling gear, most of which also appeals to climbers, runners and cross-country skiers. The jacket I tested is the IMBA jacket. It is a fairly lightweight breathable and waterproof shell that retails for 270 CAD / 199 USD. According to the website Showers Pass doesn't have dealers in Canada; just USA, UK and Sweden. In addition to keeping the rain off the body the jacket helps the trails because 5% of the net proceeds from this jacket are donated to IMBA.


This is a men's medium which fits a bit tighter than most of my jackets but I did not find it restricting in any way.


The back fit well with and without a pack.

I tested a medium and normally I wear a large but the slim fit worked well for me. Newsflash: Job one for waterproof MTB jackets is keeping the water out while also letting my sweat out. The jacket liner is Artex 2.5 layer double charcoal print fabric which is designed to help wick sweat. There were times I had the vents open and the main zipper 3/4's down and I still had some sweat build up on the inside; however, I had no rain coming in from the outside. I have not experienced a jacket that can handle my massive sweat build on big climbs. I would prefer the vents open wider and be placed closer to the armpits. Even so the IMBA jacket would be on the acceptable sweat level for me.

I found the shell felt smooth but a little clammy when I wore short sleeves but it was comfortable with my long sleeve Icebreaker Merino wool shirts. Another plus is that it doesn't have the crinkly feel of some waterproof shells I have worn.


The side flaps of the hood are not meant to close. They can be left out or tucked away and fastened with velcro inside the collar.


Flaps out.

The hood is large enough that it fit over my helmet. I got stuck in the rain many times and the hood created a little cocoon for me. The hood easily zips on and off and can be stored in one of the five pockets.


The hood is large enough to fit over my helmet comfortably.


The removable hood is a must for me. When I ride the rain generally isn't torrential enough to require the hood. The collar is lined for warmth and comfort.


The jacket was comfortable up and down.

There are plenty of pockets and every zipper is lined to be waterproof. My only complaint with the jacket hardware is the pocket zippers not having toggles like the main zipper and vent zippers. When I had gloves on I found it hard to grab the small zipper. It was an easy fix with some shoelace and tape but two Showers Pass toggles would be much nicer.


My home made zipper toggle.


The non-toggled zipper.


The vents are easily accessible, open enough for some air flow and are 100% waterproof when zipped closed.


There two large mesh storage pockets on the lower inside.


All seams are sealed and were observed to be waterproof.


In addition to the two mesh pockets and two outer pockets there is chest pocket with an audio port for those still avoiding the joy of bluetooth headphones.


The sleeve cuffs work well. In addition to the high quality velcro the cuffs are elasticized making it easy to get the jacket on and off.


I used the jacket in the late fall, winter and now in the spring.

The Showers Pass IMBA is a good quality light waterproof shell that has acceptable breathability for a reasonable price. It looks and feels good both on and off the bike.

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