Shoot Squamish w/Reuben Krabbe

Photos Reuben Krabbe
Video Freehub
Date Jul 19, 2016

As an action sports photographer, some days often end up being more about documenting an activity rather than actually doing it. Reuben Krabbe, a Squamish local and renowned photographer, has been focusing on packing light and documenting from right beside the riders to authentically capture in-the-moment action. Joined by Stephen Matthews and Sid Slotegraaf, the trio pedal out the door to ride some classic Squamish granite and shoot photos for Freehub’s upcoming photo book.

Are you a fan of Reuben’s images?

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jazzdhiman  - July 20, 2016, 12:40 p.m.

Nice video bud! Nice to see a perspective from a photographer. Great still shots Reuben!


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