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Our Favourite Leftovers

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Here is a compendium of things we saw that either didn't fit into a tidy category or were pushed aside for space concerns.

Bronson Moore and the ReverseRise Stem.

Bronson told us he's almost sold out of his second production run of his original stem with 150mm of rise. He's even had repeat customers who, after trying the RR stem on one bike, want it on every bike they own. This year he was showing his new version. It's 'only' 90mm tall for a more moderate introduction into high handed mountain biking.

If riders try the 90mm version and want to see what it feels like with even more rise, they can just use a bar with more rise, fine tuning the experience. He's also found that some riders reverse their RR stems so they no longer have negative reach.

sea otter apogee ministry digit bronson 7

"The 90 has similar cornering dynamics to the original RR stem but a little less leverage and wheel flop."

bronson moore reverse rise stem 2

Bronson told us riders often feel like they aren't going as fast the first time they ride one of his stems, only to discover they've set a personal best.

The new stem is designed both for riders who aren't as tall and those who are looking for a more engaged riding style. The new version is more playful and dyanamic* and it feels faster. The previous version, according to Bronson, "allows you to go fast without feeling fast."

*Bronson's words, not mine


sea otter 2024 IBIS bars

At the Ibis booth I was reminded how clever their handlebars are. Each set comes with threaded aluminum end caps. If you want the bars full-length, you simply leave the caps in place.

sea otter 2024 IBIS bars 2

If you'd like them shorter you can either remove them completely (taking off 25mm and 10g per side) or you can cut the end caps with a hacksaw or pipe cutter, meaning you never have to cut into carbon unless you prefer very short bars. Even better, Ibis Handlebars (with a 31.8mm clamp diameter) are currently on sale for 100 USD, down from 169.

sea otter 2024 kuat rack

Küat was showing their Ibex truck bed rack and associated accessories, like this slick side-mounted Piston SR rack. The rack itself retails for between 1489 and 1589 USD depending on your truck.

sea otter 2024 saris tailgate pad

Saris has a new tailgate pad with two sizes (five or six bikes depending on the width of your gate), two 11 x 6" storage pockets, and quick release "G Hooks" that hold your bike in place. Both sizes cost 230 USD / 330 CAD.

sea otter 2024  IGUS bike

You may only know IGUS because of their high quality bushings, commonly found in bike pedals and other parts. Like the rest of us, IGUS noticed the way publicly shared bikes often end up trashed so they designed an alternative. 92% of the IGUS bike is made of recycled plastic. The bike has a belt drive and the only metal parts are the brake cables and discs so there is very little that can rust. The entire bike can also be recycled when it is no longer usable. Obviously the biggest market for this bike would be bike share programs but if you'd like one for yourself you can preorder for 1200 EU. More on the IGUS bike here.

sea otte 2024 tannus

I have always liked many elements of Tannus Tubeless inserts: they are very light, easy to install and effective at both preventing flats and supporting the sidewalls for cornering support at lower temperatures. The one missing link for me has been their ride flat capability. Once the air pressure is gone, much of their support is also lost. The new Tannus Fusion system, which is comprised of an outer insert similar to the original Tannus Tubeless, and an inner piece which nests in the middle. The inner and outer mate with the help of matching teeth to keep prevent them from moving independently. At 200g it's not as light as it was, but still lighter than several ride flat capable systems. We brought some back from Laguna Seca and will be installing them soon to begin testing.

That's all I've got from Sea Otter 2024. I'll turn the mic over to Deniz for his final entries. - Cam McRae

sea otter 2024 suspension ext mrp cane creek wr1 saris prevelo 23

This Mondraker Foxy is the first and only official Gulf Racing + cycling collaboration in existence. Only 150 of these bikes exist and the attention to detail is second to none.

sea otter 2024 suspension ext mrp cane creek wr1 saris prevelo 24

Based on the original Porsche 917 Gulf Racing car, there were close to 40 revisions to the paint job on this bike to get it just perfect. It is a thing of beauty. Mondraker

sea otter 2024 suspension ext mrp cane creek wr1 saris prevelo 31

My favourite display at Sea Otter. It was also super nice to chat with Tim Watson, the founder of Kool Stop for a hot minute.

sea otter apogee ministry digit bronson 10

The new short-er travel Digit Ring 128mm travel bike with a colour-matched Cerakote Manitou Mattoc Pro 140mm fork. Digit Ring

sea otte 2024 general 14

Our friends at Outbound Lighting are working on a whole bunch of new stuff and I am excited about this new rear light in the works.

sea otte 2024 general 15

It is still in prototype stages but I can't wait to see the final product as the urban commutes around town are often death-defying acts around distracted drivers.

sea otter 2024 suspension ext mrp cane creek wr1 saris prevelo 37

A new 2.5" Maxxis DHR II will be here any day now. We've seen it on pro racers' bikes for years and hopefully coming soon to your LBS' peg boards.

sea otter 2024 suspension ext mrp cane creek wr1 saris prevelo 38

Also no longer just for Nino, you can get these team spec XC Aspens from Maxxis.

sea otte 2024 general 11

Additive manufacturing of titanium parts is the new thing and a Taiwanese Vendor was generating quite the buzz at the expo.

sea otte 2024 general 9

The all new 90-tooth DT Swiss hub looks like the right step forward for the company. It has massive ratchet rings that sit far from the hub shell bearings so that you can service the hub without taking the drive ring off.

sea otte 2024 general 6

Thanks to Velocio for caffeinating us in the mornings.

sea otter 2024 suspension ext mrp cane creek wr1 saris prevelo 112

So long California... until next time. - Deniz Merdano

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+3 Cam McRae ClydeRide Tehllama42

That company you blanked on was super interesting and had some cool stuff to say.
Slick install/removal



I knew someone would rescue me in the comments! It is rather interesting that they are NOT a bike product company! I still like the premise behind the product. It is smart!

Edit.. never mind found the company that makes them


+1 Konrad

Didn’t ODI do bars with threaded extenders years ago?


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