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The Dropper Story

There, we made it. Mountain biker conveniently lowers his seat just before his descent into the sweet single track before him. No dismounting, tool searching, or bolt rounding. Just a flick of a left thumb and a subtle squat that my gym coach would call "shallow." My perch, my trusty platform that got me to the top of the hill, is now 200 millimetres lower than before. I can lean the bike over more and enjoy some airtime without the fear of being chucked forward. This is the culmination of years of refinement in the design and manufacturing of the seatpost.

To be totally honest with you, if you looked at my high school yearbook, It would say something along the lines of: "voted the least likely to pick up mountain biking if it wasn't for the dropper post." I was doing juuust fine on my Flatland BMX bike with a middle-of-the-road height saddle spinning around in circles. Saddles are for holding, not sitting on. Right?

I cannot deny the convenience that this telescoping miracle tube delivers. Cycling up and down on demand through mud and rain, getting it done, and asking only an occasional clean and lube in return. Maybe a fresh cable once a year if I am not feeling too lazy.

sdg tellis v2 dropper post

Lined up at the collar. First on the left is the OneUp 180mm, SDG Tellis V1 170, Tellis V2 170, Tellis V2.1 200mm.

SDG Tellis V2.1 dropper

When I reviewed and eventually purchased my Knolly Tyaughton, it came with an SDG Tellis V1 dropper post in 170 millimeters. I didn't assemble the original review bike and the fellow who built and delivered it to me said: "it's a sick bike, apart from the dropper." I didn't let that comment bother me but I paid attention to the mechanics and the feel of the Tellis v1 that was spec'ed on that Tyaughton. Guess what? It did nothing wrong in the last 2+ years. It didn't bind, didn't fail, didn't as much as hint that there was anything wrong or about to go wrong. It just worked, like the benchmark OneUp V2 of the time did.

When I was selected as the recipient of the new Tellis V2 seatpost a couple of months ago, I wasn't thrilled to solve a problem per se, I was just happy to receive an updated product that was already well-rounded. The updates to the post however, were a pleasant surprise.

DSC01030 deniz merdano knolly chilcotin 2024

The Knolly Chilcotin in for review had the Tellis V2 as an OEM option before it was released as a purchasable option. The aftermarket V2 post now has stronger bolts to increase the seat retention hence why I call it the V2.1 . It's a running production change.

Fast forward a couple of years and here is another Knolly in the house for testing: the new Chilcotin with the much-anticipated silhouette. The sizing changes pushing me to a size small meant that it would arrive with a 170mm seatpost and almost 6 inches of it sticking out of the frame for a proper leg extension. You can see the first look at the Chilcotin HERE and expect the full review soon. What I didn't realize immediately was the post on the Knolly was the yet-to-be-released Tellis V2. SDG did a soft release to the OEM world and the new dropper was making its appearances on new bikes in March.

The first thing I noticed with the new seatpost was the way it secures and adjusts the saddle. There is a new low stack I-Beam head design that runs on channels that deliver one of the most civilized adjustment and fastening systems there is. You loosen two bolts on the side and micro adjustments can be made easily without losing your shit over falling bolts. As a running change, SDG also updated these bolts to M6 size for a 17Nm torque over the 12Nm ones that came on the Chilcotin. According to SDG, this was not necessary but they wanted a little extra insurance. 26mm stanchions don't cause much flex and I haven't experienced any binding of the dropper when it's time to slam it into the Knollys.

sdg tellis v2 dropper post 2

Unthread the collar, pull the bushing up and slide in the travel reducer. 25 second job!

The guts of the new Tellis are as simple as it gets. With a sealed Wintek cartridge, there is no Schrader valve to worry about. There is a benefit and a serious drawback to this. With the sealed design, SDG and all the other brands using the same tech, now can offer a 10mm reduction in overall stack for the dropper. The saddle clamp design adds to this and the result is that you can use a slightly longer dropper in your frame. The biggest problem I anticipate is that with the pressure preset in the cartridge from the factory, you are limited to a set resistance to actuate to post with your weight. My 160lb / 72kg body can move the post down at ease. The lighter you are, the harder time you are going to have with dropping it, though. What if you are a 110-lb rider? What about a 60-lb child?

The new Tellis comes in 7 sizes; 75MM, 100MM, 125MM, 150MM, 170MM, 200MM, and 230MM. With the included spacers, you can now have a 55mm dropper for your grom rider. That's really great! However, they may not be able to actuate the drop with their low weight.

sdg tellis v2 dropper post 8

This 60-lb chatter box could not lower the Tellis. Should the shorter drops come at lower cartridge pressures?

sdg tellis v2 dropper post 9

With a subtle assist, the seatpost actually lifted him up while seated.

When I was a little boy running around my mother's place of work after school hours, I loved playing with the height adjusting office chairs. I would spin around on them until I was about to puke and would try to lower the chairs with my 60-ish pounds of bones and skin. Some were so powerful that they would shoot me straight into the ceiling when I pulled the levers on them. They sure don't build'em like they used to!

The cartridge in the Tellis V2 comes at a preset pressure. It seems that lower pressures in the sealed Wintek cartridge for shorter droppers would be beneficial to lighter riders. I imagine most of the droppers in the market would have the same issue. The Fox Transfer SL is the only post I've come across that has an ultra light action drop. While it may be an option for lighter riders, it only has two positions: all the way up or all the way down.

If you decide to go for the Tellis V2 for your child, you may still have to lower their saddle for the descent for them if they're not heavy enough to do it themselves. Better than whipping out the tools but not ideal.

sdg tellis v2 dropper post 3

Super easy access to the internals. Grab and unthread the actuator.

sdg tellis v2 dropper post 4

Lots of threads for extra engagement between the plastic and metal.

Servicing the Tellis is a few-minute job that doesn't require any special tools. The green actuator comes off, the cartridge grub screw under the saddle comes off too and the cartridge just slides out. You don't even have to remove the saddle. The polycarbonate and copper keyways have a robust feeling and can be cleaned and lubed without much hassle.

sdg tellis v2 dropper post 5

Polycarbonate and copper keyways coated in silicone grease from factory.

sdg tellis v2 dropper post 7

The bottom out bumper is there to avoid any metal on metal 'clank' at full compression.

sdg tellis v2 dropper post 6

Wintek is the leading company for dropper cartridges these days and they are easy to order through any bike shop. The pressures are preset to 300ish psi.

Screen Shot 2024-05-21 at 3.58.34 PM

Exploded diagram and parts list for the Tellis V2.

It's 2024 and our bikes have wicked stuff happening on them. The Tellis V2 gets the job done in an uneventful manner. It also improves on certain features like the seat mounting standard with the I-Beam head. The Tellis V2 Costs 215 USD / 300 CAD and is a solid option for those looking to add more drop to their ride. I would bet on this new dropper to do well in a head-to-head with the OneUp V2 and V3. I love the way SDG utilizes the I-Beam head for the Tellis' saddle mount.

The 200mm V2 will be staying with the Chilcotin indefinitely.

Tellis V2

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+8 ClydeRide Niels van Kampenhout Deniz Merdano Jenkins5 opeh686 Karl Fitzpatrick Zero-cool Lee Lau

Thanks for the review! 

SDG here to respond on the topic of cartridge pressure, our cartridges are scaled based on the drop length, so the 75mm version can easily be actuated by a 50lb rider. Inversely the 230mm has more pressure than the 200mm.


+2 opeh686 Lee Lau

Amazing! That's the kind of information that makes a product! Thanks for chiming in!


+1 opeh686


How have you been enjoying that new Chilcotin 155?  Anything new to report?


+3 ClydeRide pntfive opeh686

It seems to be a well rounded platform. Rides very confidently on the trail too. I should have something ready in a few weeks



Thanks Deniz!

I'm looking forward to reading your review!



I'm curious to see how this erview will pan out. On the old one, people who reviewed it in the shorter setting didn't seem to gel with it. People in the longer setting loved it. Not sure if its the bike, or a different set of expectations. Jeff Kendell-Weed gave it a mixed review in short travel, and then later updated his review to mostly positive after trying it in the long travel setting by swapping parts between review bikes. 

I tried mine in both, and didn't really see a reason for shorter travel. It doesn't pedal better, and if you're going to be hauling around all that weight, why not get the most out of it? I hope you'll be able to try a spare fork and run it both ways in your review.

Confession of bias: I'm on my 3rd Knolly frame and loving it. (Fugitive 140)


+1 ClydeRide

Nice review. I was on a Tellis V1 for the past 3 years with no issues. Just upgraded to a V2 and due to the lower stack and shorter actuator am able to squeeze a 200mm on my bike. I expect this version to be trouble free as well, but what I noticed after about 5 rides is there's zero side to side play (I encountered a bit on the previous version and more on other droppers) . Set and forget workhorse of a dropper...


+1 Lee Lau

My 4 year old OneUp v2 has a good degree or two of play when its down. Rattles like mad on descents. A lot less when extended which is great for butt feel. ( Did I just say that?) 

The Tellis is rock solid for now. I too anticipate a trouble free relationship


+1 pedalhound

I've ridden my 200mm Tellis v2 exactly one time, so I'm completely qualified to offer the following review:  Pretty good!  It goes up when I want it to and it goes down when I want it to.  It doesn't go down when I don't want it to.  There's no play.  It doesn't feel quite as smooth as my Transfer does when it's in peak form, but so far it gets two thumbs up.


+1 Jenkins5

I bought a bike that came with this post. I wanted more than 170mm and sold it off, but I really have to commend SDG on how great the clamp design is. Stark contrast to this past weekend when I was putting a saddle on a OneUp post and was amazed — and annoyed — at how poorly designed it is in comparison.



I have been running an SDG that  came stock on my Santa Cruz for almost 3 yrs. I can run it up/ down/ or anywhere inbetween so its good enough imo

It did start going flacid after about 2 years so I ordered a cartridge from one of those local bike shops selling parts on-line  for I think it was 67 $ and I was back in business, I'm pretty sure you could train a monkey to do the rebuild.

the shop guy did send me the wrong length cartridge  so  I phoned to ask if  I could still use it but no the cartridges are different for different lengths and you gotta  use the right length

i think initialy the new cartridge was a little stiff but broke in pretty quick

still it was all pretty cheap & painless compared to some dropper stories I've heard



My 70 lb. daughter is using the 100mm V2 with no problem.  It's her first dropper, doesn't have a lot of experience using them, and it's become second nature for her really quick.

I am on the new 230mm V2 and couldn't be happier.  I switched from a transfer for more drop but was really impressed with the new clamp design out of the gate.  The post has worked flawlessly!


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