Ryders Signs Thomas Vanderham

Date Jun 15, 2016

Ryders Signs Thomas Vanderham

RYDERS is excited to announce the signing of Thomas Vanderham. As one of the biggest names in the sport over the past decade, he needs little introduction. The partnership is a perfect match—both parties established themselves on the North Shore when mountain biking was young and evolving.


Although Thomas signed with RYDERS months ago, they chose to reveal the partnership along with the launch of their brand new MTB-specific goggle, the TALLCAN. Putting to use years of R&D on the SHORE goggle, the TALLCAN was designed to meet the demands of mountain biking.

“Thomas stands out as an athlete that represents himself exceptionally well both on and off the bike. The combination of his timeless style and bike control matched with his genuine professionalism made Thomas our number one choice. The decision to join forces represents a new opportunity juncture crossroad for both RYDERS and TV”, explains RYDERS Team Manager, Fraser Vaage.

“I’ve lived on the North Shore for most of my life. It’s a big part of who I am as a person and a rider so it’s incredibly fitting that I’ve partnered with a brand with such a strong North Shore heritage.” -Thomas Vanderham

Ryders Signs Thomas Vanderham
Thomas has graced the covers of Dirt, Decline and Bike magazine and his iconic Vanderham style and precision has inspired riders of all ages around the globe. Video segments featuring his inimitable precision appear in multiple productions such as UnReal, Life Cycles, Strength In Numbers, Seasons, and Roam to name a few.
Ryders Signs Thomas Vanderham

The Tallcan is the latest addition to the RYDERS goggle collection. This MTB-specific design includes a fog-fighting, double-layer clear lens that works like a double pane window. The outer lens prevents the cooler outside air from contacting the inner lens, which is in contact with inside humid air. This results in significantly less opportunity for vapor to condense on the inside of the lens.


Where the Tallcan stands apart from the SHORE—their original MTB-specific goggle—is in the design of the outriggers, the size and shape of the lens, the high-airflow upper mesh, and the moisture-wicking, ultra-comfy foam. The outriggers provide an excellent fit and added stability with both DOT approved DH helmets and trail/enduro helmets, and the lens is substantially taller than the Shore lens for a larger field of vision.

Ryders Signs Thomas Vanderham

“Though I was born in Vancouver, I fell in love with mountain biking after my family moved to Edmonton. As a 14 year old kid, I moved back to North Vancouver and started working at Cove Bike Shop. I soon found myself chasing my idol Wade Simmons down trails that I had only seen in magazines.” -Thomas Vanderham, Professional Athlete, Ryders Eyewear

“The Shore has given me the opportunity to do what I do for a living and I love to see how its influence has spread all over the world”. -Thomas Vanderham, Professional Athlete, Ryders Eyewear

The TALLCAN has been through a comprehensive testing phase. Long before the design was completed, early prototypes were tested and revised over and over again in a variety of environments by riders that ranged from elite athletes to weekend warriors.


Forrest Riesco – World Cup DH | Photo: Tom Hardie


Mike Daniels – Downhill | Photo: Dominic Ricci

image1 (5)

Logan Binggeli – Downhill | Photo: Jason Scheiding


Brett Tippie – MTB legend | Photo: Garret Hansen

Ryders is pretty excited about their new signing – those negotiating tactics look to have paid off. More on the Tallcan goggle soon.

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6 years, 1 month ago

double lens!!


Pete Roggeman
6 years, 1 month ago


Bob Chandler
5 years, 3 months ago

Love TallCan biking goggles, has those since 2015 when they launched. Clear double lens and super strong as I fall so many times and still like brand new! https://www.ryderseyewear.com/eyewear/tallcan/?frame-colour=red&lens-options=standard&lens-colour=clear


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