Ryan Leech: Helmets and Wheelies

Date Mar 13, 2015

You may not know this, but March is brain injury awareness month. Ryan Leech recently shot a video with Nutcase helmets to support Brain Injury Association of America. Nutcase will be donating $2 to the BIAA for each helmet sold on Nutcase.com.

Ryan Leech is also in the midst of preparing the 30 Day Wheelie Challenge. Ryan believes that a wheelie isn’t something most people can learn in one lesson, so he has 30 days of videos to help you learn. Sign up on his website to be the first to know when the program is ready. Videos, text, and drawings available for all devices make this e-course easy to move along with.

30 Day Wheelie Challenge Teaser from Ryan Leech on Vimeo.

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Kurt Peterson
7 years, 8 months ago

Brain injury is one of the very real big-ticket risks in biking, so I appreciate it getting some attention. It has been very real for me. On a happier note, I'm stoked to follow Ryan's wheelie challenge. I love that guy. What an amazing and inspiring dude.


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