Rocky Mountain Team Staycation

Words Rocky Mountain
Photos Margus Riga
Date Sep 11, 2013

Rocky Mountain‘s athletes enjoy traveling all over the world to ride their bikes in unique, beautiful locations. Everywhere they go — from the backcountry of Argentina to the Great Wall of China and countless places in between — they hear people share their dreams of one day riding on our home turf in British Columbia.

That’s why this year Thomas Vanderham, Brett Tippie, Geoff Gulevich, Wade Simmons, and Andreas Hestler decided to reinvigorate their love for home by exploring Vancouver Island, just a short ferry ride from our North Vancouver headquarters.


Vanderham knows what’s up. Coffee is what’s up.


Gully gets some hangtime.


Tourists in their own province.


Vancouver Island boasts beaches named after mountain bike apparel companies.


The secret garden.


A couple years late, but they’re on a boat.


Fresh burnt seafood, a Rocky specialty.


We always figured he was well endowed.


Oh yes, the riding.




Margus Riga with his head in the clouds.


Photo of the year.


I hate white rabbits.


All good things come to an end.

Fueled by too much coffee in the mornings and too many beers in the evenings, this was a great trip and one that certainly helped reconnect us all to our roots. There’s no question that we’ll be back to continue exploring the island’s rich trail networks and connect with the many amazing people we met along the way. Love the Ride!

Always good to watch the Rocky team lay tracks on soft dirt…

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bmtbx  - Sept. 11, 2013, 10:02 p.m.

God, what I would give to go on a ride with those four. Childhood heroes since Dragonball Z faded. Nice shots, agreed^, nobody does it like them.


syngltrkmnd  - Sept. 11, 2013, 1:24 p.m.

Awesome pics, as always. The RMB team always throws down on the best trips - I don't think anyone does it quite like that. Sure I may be robbing Norbs here, and the Coastal Crew, but the Rocky guys are riding the kinds of trails and the kinds of places I wanna go.


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