Rocky Mountain Enduro Team Gets Custom Race Liveries Courtesy of RideWrap

Date Jun 16, 2021

RideWrap are becoming well-known for their awesome custom wraps of bikes, including the Rocky Mountain Enduro team. For 2021, they decided to branch out a little bit, and give each of the RME team members a custom wrap job for their EWS bikes. Check out all the photos and details after the break.

Last year, we were asked to come up with a protective kit that could do triple duty for the Rocky Mountain Race Face Enduro team. The kit needed to protect their race bikes, keep an unreleased frame model under wraps, and it had to look good. This year, we decided to do things a little different. We got the team to design kits for each other, but we didn’t tell them that until the end of the process.

We started by interviewing each rider. We asked question that made it seem like your standard team intro video. Then we got them to answer question about their fellow teammates. Once the interviews were wrapped, we picked out pieces that would help us design each rider’s custom race livery. We sent the interview clips and transcripts to creative designer, Victor Brousseaud. Victor worked with us to come up with graphic elements that represented each riders character, on and off the bike.

RockWrap 5.jpg

Remi Gauvin

RockWrap 3.jpg

RockWrap 6.jpg

Andréane Lanthier Nadeau, AKA ALN

RockWrap 4.jpg

RockWrap 7.jpg

Jesse Melamed

RockWrap 2.jpg

RockWrap 8.jpg

Good luck and good racing, team!

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