Road Tripping Through Powell River

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It's road trip season, and longer days and warmer temps mean taking our bikes to new places this summer. BC is as good as it gets for loading up and hitting the open road with bikes, friends, and new adventures. Ride along with Hailey, Ollie and friends on an early season road trip to Powell River, BC.

It's spring and mountain bike season is underway. Since we were still under quite a bit of snow in Whistler, we decided to hit the road and explore some new to us zones in Powell River. We wanted to do a trip that combined off-roading with mountain biking and we heard Powell River was a good place to do just that. We packed up, traded the snow for rain, and hit the road with a few buddies who are always interested in a good excuse to combine 4-wheels with 2-wheels.


All the rigs.


They were pretty fun though.


Almost there Toby... almost!


A quick stop where the forest meets the ocean and then onto our beachside campsite.


Spring can be chilly but nothing a toasty campfire can't solve.

After a solid sleep, we packed up and drove to Mount Mahony where the bike trails are located. This area is seeing a lot of work from builders and we were all stoked to check it out.


Can't leave a sick camp spot without flexin' your rig.


To say the riding is good in Powell River is an understatement. It's next level. Perfect grade, some steeps if you'd like, hero dirt, and hits if you're feeling spicy.


Look closely and you can see perfect moisture content in the dirt.

After a full day of shuttles and small pedals, the spring sun started to wane and it became harder and harder to see the trail in front of us. We knew we had to catch a ferry and so it was time to call it a day. The wheeling and riding left us smiling from ear to ear as we all parted ways, promising to designate another weekend in the near future to discovering more of what Powell River has to offer.


Please enjoy the outdoors responsibly and adhere to all local bylaws including fire bans and other important public alerts.

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+2 Niels van Kampenhout manu_moisan

Googlemaps tells me from Powell River to Mt. Mahony it's 1hr driving for 21km, by car. 1.5hrs with bicycle. 

Just saying, never been to Canada ;).



Google maps gives very strange travel times for forest service roads. Generally, actual travel time by truck is much shorter.


+2 manu_moisan Endur-Bro

Those are pretty kitted out rigs for what looks like some forest service roads...



If you look a little more into what the drivers of those rigs are into for fun, you'll realize they're purpose-built for regularly getting after it on four wheels.



I wonder what route this is. I wouldn't mind recreating this! There are quite a few different FSRs around Mahony. I've never been out there though, so I wonder what a good camp spot would be?



They camped at Inland Lake. https://bcparks.ca/explore/parkpgs/inland_lk/


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