Riding in the Line of Fire

Date Dec 17, 2015

People have always had a fascination with fire. Whether it’s tiny little gasoline fires driving pistons or a massive steel mill turning out huge hunks of metal, burning things has been a cornerstone of human creation. To honour that spirit, we’ve gathered a selection of barn-burners for you, in the hopes that it stokes your fire of adventure just in time for the weekend.

Splitting Buildings with Style

When you willingly jump out of a perfectly good helicopter, you can put all the rhinestones you want on your helmet.

Raging Bull vs. Stampeding Horse

What happens when the Beast from the East meets the Best from the West? You get an epic drift battle in a derelict Russian theme park (in Japan of all places).


Ukraine might be in the cold grip of Winter right now, but Vasya Lukyanenko has found the hottest spot in the whole country to ride: a steel mill.

Taking Flight with Reece Porter

Some completely insane transfers in NZ from this mad Kiwi. Definitely worth watching at least twice.

Ice Walls and Alaskan Spines

When you find a natural feature like a 30ft + ice wall, of course you’ve gotta jib it.

The Wrong Tool for the Job

What happens when you bring a BMX bike to a mass-start DH race? Shenanigans. Shenanigans happen.

We’d imagine the arm pump is strong after racing a BMX like that.

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person person
6 years, 6 months ago

That Reese Potter cut is f%$king mental.


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