RideWrap Opens UK Production Facility

Date Aug 12, 2021

With Brexit making things a tad difficult to procure RideWrap products from The Continent (aka the RideWrap Swedish production facility), they've gone ahead and opened a new factory in the UK to streamline the purchasing process. Read on below for the full press release from the Whistler-based company...

We love a good portmanteau as much as the next person. But, to be honest, Brexit introduced more than a few challenges to doing business in the UK. VAT, duties, slow delivery times, etc. To navigate those challenges and to make life easier for riders in the UK, RideWrap opened up a production facility in the UK

We are excited to announce the expansion of RideWrap's operations to include local production based in the UK. With this addition, we can support riders across the UK with bike protection accessories produced in their backyard that get to their door fast and hassle-free.

RideWrap UK Header.jpg

So what does that mean for riders in the UK?

• Fast fulfillment and shipping timelines. Next-day delivery in some cases.

• Free shipping option. Orders over £95 ship free.

• You pay the price you see on the site.

• Products produced in the UK by riders in the UK.

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