Ride Every Day | The Bass Way

Six years ago, Paul Basagoitia was a household name in freeride mountain biking, pushing the limits in extreme events such as Red Bull Rampage and Crankworx, when a life-changing spinal cord injury halted his career. Documenting an unprecedented glimpse into the world of spinal cord injuries, the film Any One of Us provided an intimate look at Paul’s journey. But he hasn’t stopped writing the next chapter. 

Today, improvements in his post-injury physical abilities combined with the rise of the e-bike has led Paul to discover a new course to compete on in life, going beyond the realm of core mountain biking to motivate others who are struggling and introduce them to his most crucial piece of mental and physical therapy. 

“We spread the love and we want to go ride and enjoy those smiles together, and help each other in any way we can. I love it.” - Paul Bas

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