Reserve Launch the 28|XC Wheelset

Date May 14, 2021

The only constant is change. Today's XC race machines are marvels of modern engineering, evolved to decrease weight while improving ride quality and durability, with the idea to carry the world’s best athletes to the top step of the podium.

The Reserve 28|XC is the race-ready culmination of everything we’ve learned from years at the highest levels of competition, and it delivers on a heap of promises. At a genre blurring 1367 grams for a complete wheelset (with no rider weight limit and our market-defining lifetime warranty), the 28|XC features a new wider and lower rim profile to increase strength and lateral rigidity, while adding vertical compliance for enhanced traction. The 28|XC rim shape uses our exclusive spoke reinforcement system, but has been redesigned to ease tubeless tire installation and improves tire bead retention at lower pressure.




  • Designed for XC riding and racing
  • 28mm inner width
  • 29-inch wheels size only
  • Recommended tire dimensions between 2.2 and 2.5
  • 24 spokes in both the front and rear wheels
  • Weight: 1,367 grams with DT 180 hubs with valves and tape (claimed)
  • Price: Start at 1,599 USD
  • Available with either DT Swiss 180, 240 or 350 CL hubs. Microspline or XD drivers available
  • Available July 2021


  • Step in internal rim bed to ease tubeless installation
  • Lower profile for added lateral stiffness with increased vertical compliance
  • Asymmetrical design (flipped front to rear)
  • 385-gram rim weight
  • DT Comp Race spokes

Reserve Background

When Reserve was founded in 2014, the motivation was simple; we wanted to make the most durable, highest strength-to-weight composite wheels on the market and back it with a lifetime guarantee. So, we did.

Reserve first launched with wheels in 2017. At the time, carbon rims with a lifetime guarantee were unheard of. Within 12 months, Reserve leaped from an unknown up-start to one of the most highly rated carbon wheel makers in the mountain bike market. Buoyed by the positive reception, Reserve swiftly moved into gravel.

Fully rigid off-road bikes demand a sophisticated carbon rim layup in order to retain control and comfort. Not only does strength, weight, and durability matter, but ride quality also. The Reserve gravel range was born at NAHBS in 2019. It was only a matter of time before we moved up to our next challenge – aerodynamics. Collaborating with our friends at Cervélo, we took Reserve into a new dimension in 2020 with the launch of a complete line of aero road and gravel wheelsets that deftly balanced the needs of modern riders. Engineering, racing, and service is our mantra. The next chapter of Reserve is just beginning.


Lifetime Support

We know that missing a ride sucks. Like all products in the Reserve lineup, the 28|XC is supported by our lifetime warranty. We were the first company to offer this level of support on carbon wheels. As we like to say at Reserve: Lifetime. Not limited. Replaced for free.

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-3 leodevinci HitechTurtleneck thegoodghosts sansarret Spencer Nelson
Greg Bly  - May 14, 2021, 9:35 a.m.

Oh look another wheel set. How much? What does it do . Circles. 

How about something different. 

I'll know. An affordable wheelset yes! That's something you rarely see being talked about. Maybe the mortgage and feeding the kids are priority. Hmmmmmm. 

I don't know am I totally off the mark? Not in touch with reality. Wheelset s need to cost well over 1000$ ? 

Let the discussion begin about affordable options.  

Pardon me after taxes these are 2000$ Canadian .

As for life time unconditional warranties. Crash replacement at a low cost is reasonable, believable. Lifetime warranty is a fantasy like getting a high five from a rainbow pony after you back flip Brutus.


+2 thegoodghosts sansarret
YDiv  - May 14, 2021, 12:15 p.m.

Definitely see your point about the price of bike parts being exorbitant, but at the same time, there is an actual market for these, especially if the product is good.

Not sure how much experience you have with lifetime warranties, but brands like Santa Cruz and We Are One have proven quite generous in this area.


+2 HitechTurtleneck AJ Barlas
Kenny  - May 14, 2021, 7:41 p.m.

It's just a press release. NSMB have actually reviewed a number of affordable wheelsets over the last year so so.


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