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Mountain biking, like skiing, road riding or travelling by car, can be dangerous. Every time we head out for a ride we put ourselves at risk.

This is true even for very skilled riders like Andrew Chu and, sadly, on Saturday, April 6th, he succumbed to injuries after a crash while riding on Cypress with a big group of friends. He was 51 years old.

Unfortunately, I didn't know Andrew, but everyone I have heard from has made it clear that I missed out. Andrew was universally loved for his welcoming nature, his positivity and his desire to lift everyone up. His spirit will be sorely missed.

Thanks to Travis, Konrad and Graham, for sharing what they will remember about their friend.


I've always considered Chu my favorite NF rider and I think everyone knew that. His wife Kae is our longest standing full time staffer here and Chu was a regular at the factory, always showing up with treats, a story, and uplifting the overall vibe at the end of a long day. Our dog, Willie, was usually out of control with excitement every time Chu walked through the door. It's been very hard to accept he's gone. Ying and I have been in a dark cloud since receiving the news and we're really feeling it for Kaede right now. 

-Travis 'the Tailor' Bothner


I met Andrew Chu at the first Once a Month Freeride Club in February 2024. He welcomed my friend, Kevin, and I with a big smile, big laughs, and a big hug. As I got to ride with him more over the months, I learned what a big heart he had. Always giving words of encouragement and coaching to anyone eyeing up a challenge, no matter how big or small. His big booming cheer and catch phrase "So good!" when someone completed a feature. Chu wanted everyone to challenge themselves and improve but always in a safe and controlled manner. Chu learned what our strengths and weaknesses were, how and when to push. Always reminded us that the trails will be there tomorrow. Which was also his way of saying, "there's a goal for you, let's keep riding together." He encouraged all of us to work together, never hesitating to say how proud he was of someone for their achievements, and insisted that we keep coming back. Chu wanted to build a community not for himself, but for all of us. A network of friends, positivity, and support. I have met many great friends, and I am sure others can say the same. I will keep riding in Chu's honor, continuing to challenge myself on the bike, and spreading the joy that bikes bring us to others. Just like after that first sip of beer or a great section of trail, "so good!" Cheers, Chu!

-Konrad Kaminski

WhatsApp Image 2024-04-08 at 12.41.36

It wouldn’t be hyperbole to describe Andrew Chu as a legend, larger than life. He was a big loud dude who was constantly stoked beyond belief and had the gift of commanding endless positivity to everyone he encountered. Sure, there are many amped bike bros around, but Chu’s undeniably jovial spirit could be felt over the human public address system by old folks, non-bike folks, and everyone riding that particular day.

I didn’t know Andrew well. We ran into each other at a nondescript trailhead and hashed out loose plans to link up for a ride. As he rode away, I yelled “I appreciate your good vibes only attitude!” and he laughed. Many folks keep their cards close to their chest, but Chu had them on the table for everyone to see. These cards would read: welcoming outsiders, sharing a passion for bikes, ensuring everyone has a good time regardless of riding level, and lifting the mood of those who weren’t having the best day. When we finally linked up for our only ride together, he made me feel valued as his equal, and part of his team - regardless of how well we knew each other. I’m shattered over his loss. I want to be more like Andrew Chu. He inspired me to be a better person and the world was a greater place with him in it.

-Graham Driedger

A GoFundMe has now been set up to support Andrew’s wife Kaede.

Chu’s celebration of life will be held Tuesday April 16th from 4-6pm at Valley View Funeral Home and Cemetery (14644 72nd ave, Surrey BC). Wednesday April 17th there will be a mass from 10am-12pm at St. Andrew Kim (10222 161 Street, Surrey BC). There will also be a memorial ride Saturday April 20th on Cypress Mountain. We will meet at the Cypress pop up village at 10am on the 20th.

We are grateful to have North Shore Search and Rescue and other skilled first responders on alert for when serious injuries inevitably occur.

I'm sure Andrew would want to encourage everyone to play safe, but to keep playing as well.


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I first met Andrew around 20 years ago shuttling Cypress. This was back in the day where there were only a few crews riding Cypress, mostly due the crappy equipment and constant crashes. My crew was a small outfit of 4-5 on any given day shuttling in cars with bike racks. But there was this one other crew of 4 or five that had this one loud, happy go lucky rider who drove a minivan with the seats taken out. That rider was Andrew. Our crew would cross paths with his crew, join for a shuttle or two every so often. Those rides were always a gong show of laughing and crashing. Andrew had a habit of flying down a trail and “yard saleing” into the forest. Causing fits of laughter for everyone. Man those were fun rides. Our equipment worked poorly, bikes had 68 degree head angles, brakes were shit. And Andrew was always laughing. We would randomly see each other on the hill, crews would join, then we would not see each other for months. This was before chat groups to organize rides…..

Then I did not see Andrew for a number of years but started to run into him again at Whistler. I was up a lot in the 2010’s with my son so would see Andrew with his expanded crew running laps on Crank it Up. We would do a lap but then not see each other for weeks or months. Andrew was always just happy running laps with whoever was around.  

It wasn’t until a few years ago that I started to run into Andrew again on the Shore, when he started seeing his now wife Kaede. One day as I was pedaling up Fromme at my usual glacial pace, and I came upon another slow rider… Wait is that Andrew? And it was. He was with Kaede showing her all the gems of Fromme. Chu and I chatted like we had not missed the last number of years being busy with life and not seeing each other.  

After running into each other a few times, we started riding together again. Every week, sometimes many times a week. Seymour, Cypress, Squamish, Pemberton and even a few days at Whistler. Over the last few years I must have ridden with Chu around 75-100 days a year. We traded bike parts, sold each other bikes, and I watched as Chu and Kaede’s online presence grew. I was injured last year, not riding much but when I came back Chu was not only riding with everyone, literally, but he also started the Once a Month Free Ride Club. A way of giving back to everyone and bringing his stoke of riding to all. And in a nutshell that was always Chu. Happy, spreading his passion of riding to all, encouraging you to try something, but not pushing you if you just were not feeling it. You could tell he knew how to work with people and that he just got how to help you progress. He was always smiling, always laughing. And that is what I will remember.

+8 fartymarty Deniz Merdano jason Todd Hellinga grambo Mammal Mark WasatchEnduro lennskii Grif

Really nicely put, Jason. I'm so sorry you lost such a great friend.


+2 grambo Cam McRae

Thanks Pete.


+3 fartymarty Konrad grambo

Hey Jason. I didn't realize you and Chu went back that far! I feel blessed to have ridden with him for just a short time in comparison. Hope to ride with you again on Cypress soon. Kieran.


+2 grambo ribot

Of course brother.  Will have to do a Sunday ride in his honor.


Please give me a ring Jason!


+12 Skooks finbarr Matt Cusanelli Konrad Pete Roggeman Graham Driedger Tim Coleman hotlapz grambo Cam McRae Mark WasatchEnduro

Always hurts to lose a member of our small, tight knit community. Didn't know Andrew personally, but his endless positivity and larger than life persona echoed throughout the North Van riding scene, beyond his close circle of friends. Speaks volumes about the type of person he was.


+7 Todd Hellinga Carlos Matutes ohio Cam McRae AlanB Konrad ClydeRide

Chu was the most joyful person I’ve ever encountered on the trails. Anytime I was riding with him and we came across another rider he either knew them, or was able to figure out who they were and pay them a compliment for their latest riding post. His knowledge of people was incredible. Chu was always focusing on the achievements of others. He spent his life lifting his fellow riders up. It was so genuine. You just wanted to give that guy a hug whenever you could. He just really enjoyed seeing others succeed. Whenever I’d post a new reel on insta, he’d be the first person to share it. He was a beacon of positivity in our community and you could always be sure he was there to support you.

We had a group ride at Woodlot in December. We all had some big freeride features in mind that we wanted to check off. Chu broke his rim early into the ride and wasn’t going to be able to ride any of the features. What was really cool was that he didn’t just head home early, he stayed with us the whole ride and was just excited to film us all. I’d say he was just as stoked to shoot video and cheer us on than he would’ve been riding the features himself. He was selfless. Our sport is so individualistic, but Chu always made it feel like we were a team.

Chu led by example and taught me how to be a better person. It’s so easy to be shy and say a quick hello to other riders on the trail. When I was riding with Chu, I knew if we bumped into others it was going to be at least a five minute conversation. In those moments I remember getting impatient, but thinking about it now a lot of those people we stopped to chat with have become good friends. It pays to take time out of your day for others, Chu was good at that. In the last few days I’ve been able to meet all sorts of people from Chu’s past. I learned that Chu had a rule. If he ever saw someone more than six times, that person had become a friend. And judging from all the messages I’ve received the last few days asking about Chu and his funeral, that guy had a ton of friends.

Chu’s celebration of life will be held Tuesday April 16th from 4-6pm at Valley View Funeral Home and Cemetery (14644 72nd ave, Surrey BC). Wednesday April 17th there will be a mass from 10am-12pm at St. Andrew Kim (10222 161 Street, Surrey BC). There will also be a memorial ride Saturday April 20th on Cypress Mountain. We will meet at the Cypress pop up village at 10am on the 20th.

Thinking of you all. If anyone needs to chat or needs anything, reach out. We are so lucky to have each other. I love the riding community and love that we can all support each other.

Ride in peace Chu. I’ll miss you big guy


+5 Deniz Merdano Mark Cam McRae capnron Gabriel Barbosa

Oof. I did not know Andrew, I've never even been to the Vancouver area. 

But I did know him. I have known many Andrews, and reading about his passing brings tears to my eyes. People like him make mountain biking what it is, and keeps so many of us coming back week after week.

To all who are reeling from this tremendous loss, I am truly sorry. The entire mountain biking world is less awesome today.


+1 Carlos Matutes

I think a great way to remember and honour Andrew Chu would be to go out and do a First Aid and CPR course. That way you could potentially be the difference in saving someone's life - maybe even someone who is close to you.


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This comment has been removed.

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I don't think that's a fair comment when Andrew was a part of that family and everyone is reeling from the loss. 

I only met Andrew once or twice, but his joy was infectious, and wish I got to know him better. The world would be a better place with more people like Andrew. Let's all be more like Andrew.


+3 finbarr Matt Cusanelli Cam McRae

Well said Tim.


+7 Konrad Pete Roggeman Cr4w mudhoney grambo Cam McRae Mammal

Deep breaths. This is an opportunity to choose your words carefully. People are affected as this guy clearly had a huge and positive impact on the riding community. RIP, Mr. Chu.


+8 finbarr Konrad Pete Roggeman Gabriel Barbosa grambo Morgan Heater Cam McRae Mammal

I opened an account to respond to this awful comment.

His wife works for the company so they had very close ties.

I rode with both of them every Sunday and find your comment tasteless.

I suggest you remove it if possible.


+8 finbarr Konrad Pete Roggeman Graham Driedger Todd Hellinga grambo Cam McRae Mammal

Sounds more like Kae and Andrew are a very special part of the NF community and that the entire shop feels this loss very deeply because they care about their staff and their families. If most of the interactions they had with Andrew was in the factory then obviously they are going to talk about that. I think it's shameful of you to take away from a loving post about the loss the entire company must be feeling right now.


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