Red Bull Rampage Photo Recap

Photos As noted via Red Bull Content Pool
Date Oct 1, 2014

The old maxim of  “good things come to those who wait” rang true Monday at the finals for Red Bull Rampage. After getting rained out most of the weekend, riders stormed back onto the course to throw down some truly incredible runs. Wild man Andreu Lacondeguy mixed his racing past with his big mountain riding making for an amazing run filled with hucks, style and speed to grab a deserving first place. Cam Zink did a throwback to 2010 with a massive 360, this time off a natural drop earning him second place. Squamish’s mountain bike wonderboy Brandon Semenuk took home third with a smooth and flowy run filled with tricks and style.

You can get a full rundown of the placing and scores HERE.


Mike Montgomery drops in for his finals run. Photo: Christian Pondella

Paul Basagoitia hitting his own canyon gap. Photo: Christian Pondella

“Norby” with a suicide no-hander further down his line. Photo: John Gibson

Andreu didn’t want to repeat his top section as a victory lap, but he still put on a show for the crowds further down the mountain. Photo: Christian Pondella

From left to right: Those who remembered to apply sunscreen this weekend and those who didn’t. Photo: Christian Pondella

Gully dropping into the steeps on his run. Photo: John Gibson

Andreu and his winning steel horse, er, I mean, his bike. Photo: Christian Pondella

What could have been… Tom van Steenbergen almost makes history with this frontflip attempt over the canyon gap, but gets bucked from his bike. Word is that he is feeling fine but is getting checked up once he lands in Canada. Photo: Christian Pondella

Szymon Godziek was one of the riders who had a very slopestyle influenced run. Backflip over the canyon no problem. Photo: Dean Treml

Cam Zink with a massive deju-vu 360. This move won him Rampage in 2010, but in 2014 it was done off an “organic” drop. Photo: John Gibson

Kelly McGarry had a massive case with this backflip and taco’d his wheel, but he was quick to get up and laugh it off. Photo: Christian Pondella

Neat signs guys. Photo: Christian Pondella

2014 was a year of firsts for Carson Storch. First time riding in Joyride and now first riding in Rampage. Suicide no-hander off the GoPro “drop-down”. Photo: Christian Pondella

Brendan Fairclough (read: Fair-cluff) had an impressive double canyon gap higher up on his run, finishing the mid section with the GoPro step-down. Photo: Christian Pondella

Rampage first-timer Jeff Herbertson was the first to backflip the canyon gap. 7th place for the Rampage rookie. Photo: Dean Treml

Kyle Strait’s near-vertical cliff face he shared with Zink. Photo: Dean Treml

As usual, Semenuk was styling it out every time he caught air. Add a switch 360 on a downhill bike and you’ve got a podium run. Photo: Dean Treml

The winner, Andreu “Laconde-ghey”, holding up his first place trophy. Photo: Christian Pondela

And as a bonus here’s Kyle Strait’s fourth place run.

And Brendog’s eighth place run.

That’s it for Rampage 2014. We got antsy from the rain delays, saw some mind blowing features and had a great show overall. Til next year…

In Andreu’s own words: “Wah-ooohh!”

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Jonathan Harris  - Oct. 1, 2014, 4:23 p.m.

Okay, Brendan's line from that angle looks super technical. Sniper like. You wonder if riders make it look too smooth then the judges don't think it to be as gnarly as other lines.


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