Red Bull Joyride In 32 Photos

Photos Kaz Yamamura
Date Aug 17, 2015

Saturday was riddled with pockets of rain; a quick storm approached as Joyride was set to start.

Unfortunately Anton Thelander had a crash in his last practice lap, forcing him to sit this one out.

Here comes the rain.

30,000 people, soaked to the bone.

Saturday morning saw coffee cups filled with liquor. Sunday morning was all about actual coffee in coffee cups.

Tom van Steenbergen had a pretty solid run going…

Tom would unfortunately crash after front flipping off the cabin drop further down the course.

Zink with some old school maneuvers off the SRAM wallride.

Paul Genovese’s very first Joyride started off with a truck driver.

Flip-bar on the hip for Genovese.

So much steeze.

+10 style points for Tomas Lemoine.

Sam Reynolds with some funky backflip variations.

Yannick Granieri with a super seater backflip Indian air… Now that’s a mouthful.

3 drop for Logan Peat.

Logan’s 720 was super clean; smooth rotation and landing.

Backflip tuck-no-hander to end Logan’s run with a bang.

Anthony Messere dropping in.

Messere must have the cleanest flipwhips in the game. Whereas most riders cork their flips when flipwhipping, Anthony does a straight backflip.

Airwalk schleyble for Rogatkin.

Cork 720 out of the Belgian, Thomas Genom.

Super clean 360 tabletop, a classic from Genom.

Thomas Genom: Master of the 360 variations.

Flip double whip from the Don.

Rheeder went down hard on both runs, diminishing his hopes of the triple crown.

SRAM boys checking their Snapchats.

Rogatkin with a double whip off the boner log. Rogatkin would slide into 2nd.

Truck driver from Rheeder.

Italian Torquato Testa threw done some big stuff for his first Joyride appearance.

Lemoine with a 360 x-up.

Backflip to end Peat’s day at Joyride.

The man, the myth, the legend. The Don. Brandon Semenuk on his victory lap.

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Edward  - Aug. 17, 2015, 11:07 p.m.

Rogatkin did a whip to bar on the boner log. Not double whip :p


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