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Red Bull Hardline Tasmania

What to Expect

After the last few months of team rumors, announcements, and new bike releases the first big event of the year is underway this weekend. The first edition of this year's Hardline Series will be held at the globally renowned Maydena Bike Park in Tasmania, which hosted the opening round of last year's Enduro World Cup. The formidable track has been built by the founder of Red Bull Hardline and MTB Legend Dan Atherton. The downhill race is an invite-only event for the most progressive male & female MTB riders in the world.

Although last year's event saw the qualifying rounds of the event being cancelled due to dismal weather, the forecast is predicting a relatively amicable weekend conditions wise with little chance of rain.

While this is the first event of the season for many, last years World Cup runner-up has already posted the fastest qualifying run in last weekend's Australian Open at the Thredbo Cannonball and is looking strong. Bernard Kerr will also enter the weekend as a hardy favourite, having won the event in 2016, 2019, and 2021. On the women's side, Tahnee Seagrave conquered the massive road gap on the first day of practice and is joined by Louise-Anna Ferguson, Cami Nogueira, Hannah Bergemann, Gracey Hemstreet and Harriet Burbidge-Smith to round out a stacked start list.

Redbull Hardline Dan Griffiths

Kade Edwards from last year's Red Bull Hardline in Dinas Mawydd, Wales on July 4th, 2023. Photo: Dan Griffiths

Rider Start List

Ronan Dunne (IRL)
Thomas Genon (BEL)
Jackson Goldstone (CAN)
Reed Boggs (USA)
Bernard Kerr (UK)
Juan Diego ‘Johnny’ Salido (MEX)
Laurie Greenland (UK)
Tahnee Seagrave (UK)
Kade Edwards (UK)
Louise-Anna Ferguson (UK)
Brook MacDonald (NZL)
Cami Nogueira (ARG)
Thibault Laly (FRA)
Hannah Bergemann (US)
Kaos Seagrave (UK)
Jim Monro (UK)
Adam Brayton (UK)
Theo Erlangsen (SA)
Edgar Briole (FRA)
Matteo Iniguez (FRA)
Camillo Sanchez (COL)
Josh Bryceland (UK)
Vincent Tupin (FRA)
Gaetan Vige (FRA)

Tasmania Wild Card Riders:

Baxter Maiwald (AUS)
Dan Booker (AUS)
Sam Gale (NZL)
Ed Masters (NZL)
Sam Blenkinsop (NZL)
Remy Morton (AUS)
George Branningan (NZL)
Gracey Hemstreet (CAN)
Connor Fearon (AUS)
Darcy Coutts (AUS)
Harriet Burbidge-Smith (AUS)
Remy Meier-Smith (AUS)
Dennis Luffman (UK)

Course Preview

George Brannigan takes you on a near top to bottom lap of this year's Hardline course. The 2.3km long course features 575m of elevation loss with a 10m vertical drop, a 75m gap jump, a road gap, and many more wild obstacles.

Event Timeline and Streaming Schedule

The main event will be available on Red Bull TV on Saturday, February 24 at 7 am GMT / 11 pm PST / 2 am EST / 8 am CET / 6 pm AEDT HERE

Wednesday, February 21 - Matt Jones provides a first look at Red Bull Hardline (Red Bull Bike's YouTube channel)
Thursday, February 22 - Pre-event daily show (Red Bull TV)
Friday, February 23 - Event qualifying daily show (Red Bull TV)
Friday, February 23 - Course preview (Red Bull TV)
Friday, February 23 - Pre event finals daily show (Red Bull TV)

Redbull Hardline 2024 - Practice Videos

Now that your up to speed on the details here's some more trackside content to check out ahead of the big show this Saturday - courtesy of Red Bull, Jack Moir, Sam Blenkinsop, and Bernard Kerr.

Matt Cusanelli

Height - 6'/183cm (mostly legs)

Weight - 155lbs/77kg

Inseam - 34"/86cm

Ape Index - The Original Slinky™

Age - 22

Bar Width - 780mm

Preferred Reach - 485-500mm

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