Red Bull Hardline - Final Results

Photos Sven Martin, Nathan Hughes
Date Sep 24, 2017

Riding in conditions that could be generously described as "savage," competitors slugged it out in Wales to be crowned Champion at the 2017 edition of Red Bull Hardline. Spotty weather plagued riders during their runs, and ultimately it would be Craig Evans who put together the right combination of speed, style and just a little bit of luck to take top spot on the podium. In an interview with RedBull.com, he said "I didn’t think I was going to win at all so it’s a crazy feeling. I had bits where I was smooth, and I had bits where I was a bit wild, but I managed to hold on to it until the bottom. So yeah, buzzing."


Second step would go to 2016 champ Bernard Kerr who despite having a quality run, wasn't entirely sold. Kerr said "I’m not feeling great. I didn’t win, so not great. It was so slippy, I think it had just started raining as the rider before me went off and it just went to ice instantly. Yeah, not ideal conditions, tried to hang on to it and ride smart after that but not quite enough."


Dan Atherton would use home field (home track?) knowledge to slid into Third place on the day. When asked about his run, Atherton replied "Red Bull Hardline this year was definitely the toughest it’s ever been, from the moment we started building the course we've been battling the weather. But all the riders who came have been amazing, it's been such tough conditions on the course but they all pushed hard all week and everyone rode awesome, crossing the finish line for my final run I've never felt such relief and the fact that I was third made it even better."


Also of note was racer Adam Brayton's nearly flawless run; he looked set to take the win before coming unglued in the last 30 seconds of his race, careening into a tree and somehow walking away looking no worse for wear. There's been no report if the tree was later taken to hospital for evaluation. 


Final Results

1) Craig Evans (GBR) – 02.31.29

2) Bernard Kerr (GBR) – 02.33.30

3) Dan Atherton (GBR) – 02.33.73

4) Laurie Greenland (GBR) – 02.36.26

5) Adam Brayton (GBR) – 02.36.40

6) Graeme Mudd (AUS) – 02.36.73

7) Kaos Seagrave (GBR) – 02.45.40

8) Taylor Vernon (GBR) –02.45.96

9) Al Bond (GBR) – 02.49.99

10) Alexandre Fayolle (FRA) – 03.04.31

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