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Veronique Sandler (Filmer/Editor Joe Bowman)

The lone woman in the contest adds flair to a list of heavy hitters. Veronique's part is filled with inspiring trick combo's (crankflip nothing!), stylish air off mega lips and some of the most fun-looking dirt sliding of the lot. Mind. Blown.

DJ Brandt (Filmer/Editor Tory Powers)

Brandt showcases the versatility of our beloved mountain bikes, riding big mountain lines, street, snow and everything between. As is becoming common, he leaves viewers wondering "how?" with a flip-to-nose wheelie, a three off a large building, and his flip superman – feet clacking and all – shows the confidence he rides with.

Cam Zink (Filmer/Editor Dustin Lindgren)

The opening move in Zink's entry could be all you watch from his video and be happy. It's just mental. But stay for the rest, because Cam shows off big mountain riding like no other. Huge gaps, massive flips, combos, and his final spin off an enormous flat drop is jaw-dropping.

Brage Vestavik (Filmer/Editor Oscar Kalsnes/Blur Media)

Brage doesn't know how to take things mellow, even if there's snow to deal with. His part is insane with some of the biggest, most technical riding of the lot. There's plenty of Shore influence mixed in this video but with Brage's wild mix spicing things up.

Brandon Semenuk (Filmer/Editor Rupert Walker)

What can be said about Semenuk that hasn't already been? His style is silky smooth, the combo's on gnarly features resemble something from a computer game, and he has an effortless flow like no other. Dare I say, the one thing that may work against him is, he's so good that he makes it all look easy. A round of applause for including a photography element too.

Danny MacAskill (Filmer/Editor Robbie Meade)

Danny MacAskill's technical skills spice up any ride and his unique approach is the most different of all entrants. Maybe that's why at the time of writing, his video is the most viewed on YouTube from all six (more than 100,000 on the nearest rival)? That doesn't necessarily make Danny's video the winning entry, though. Everyone can vote at the X-Games Real MTB page and have a say in who wins the first-ever, Real MTB contest.

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+2 Cam McRae AJ Barlas

Vero can f'ing corner. Jeebus.



Her DH racing skills still get put to use, hey! So sick.


+1 AJ Barlas

Oi! Danny! Leave the gate as you find it!


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