Race Face + Easton Cycling Announce Cinch Voice Command

Date Apr 1, 2018

Race Face and Easton are pleased to announce the latest in elite, proprietary cycling technologies: Cinch Voice Command.

Gone are the days of squinting your eyes to see the tiny screen of your pesky bike computer. When you want to know how many watts you’re crushing, or when you should be refuelling, just ask Cinch. Talking to Cinch is faster and easier than yelling at your bike has ever been before. 

Use Cinch Voice Command to:

·         Create and execute mapped routes.
·         Order more carbon components.
·         Activate that drone you bought but can’t seem to operate.
·         Take selfies.
·         Impress your friends.


With patented Nomenclatural Recognition Software, you can ride with confidence, knowing that Cinch will automatically translate the array of accents and jargon used by cyclists world-wide. 

Mountain Biker: “Steezy, Bro! Totally sent it!”
Cinch Translate: “Felicitations, fellow mountain cyclist. Your skills are exemplary.” 

Road Biker: “Pretty strong headwinds today.”
Cinch Translate: “I am searching for excuses other than my own weakness.”


Cinch is the riding buddy you’ve always wanted, but never had the patience to wait for. Cinch Voice Command: Better than being alone. 

Race Face Cinch: It’s for Mountain Biking.

Easton Cycling Cinch: It’s for late 80’s Mountain Biking.

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4 years, 6 months ago

LOL. Always good to have a new proprietary system.


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