Rémy Métailler
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Rémy Métailler - Best Lines of 2018

Date Jan 16, 2019

Rémy Métailler rides some of the raddest places you've ever seen, but what really has me hooked is that pump track!

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3 years, 5 months ago

That pump track is at the Stevie Smith Bike Park in Nanaimo.  If you've never been... go now.  Like right now.  It is soooo much fun!!!  Big asphalt pump track, little asphalt pump track, BMX race track, and jump dirt mtb jumps section with big boy, medium boy and little boy lines.  Then head up the mountain 5 mins away and sample "Finer China" a machine built downhill pump/berm trail through the forest.... so, so, so much fun!!


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