Quick Look: Nick Beer’s 650B Devinci Wilson

Words Matthew Lee
Photos Kaz Yamamura
Date Aug 12, 2014

Fresh off a plane from New York and the Windham World Cup this past weekend, we ran into Nick Beer as he tried to sneak in a little last-minute practice before the Garbanzo DH race with his 650B Devinci Wilson. “It’s sick to be here” he said, “and there’s lots going on. There’s never enough time to practice, so I’ve just been trying to get as many laps in as possible.”

Despite the need for yet more practice, Nick was happy to let us snag a few photos of his rig.

Nick Beer 650B Devinci Wilson

Looking fast and black with a mostly-murdered colour scheme. Remember kids: neon isn’t everything.

Nick Beer 650B Devinci Wilson

From the looks of things, Devinci has done a bit of shuffling around with the shock and link positions on the 2015 Wilson. This particular frame is hewn from aluminium, but we’d bet a pretty penny that a carbon version isn’t too far behind.

Nick Beer 650B Devinci Wilson

Carbon X0 cranks and the new X01 7-block cassette to put the power down. 650B Easton Havoc wheels keep things rolling along smoothly (well, as smoothly as it gets in the Park these days).

Nick Beer 650B Devinci Wilson

The clouds may have been threatening rain, but down in the park it was as dry as British stand-up comedy. Also of note: the “First Ride” printed on Beer’s Schwalbe tires.

Nick Beer 650B Devinci Wilson

A Rock Shox Boxxer with the Charger damper takes care of the rough stuff up front, and sports some super lightweight bumpers to boot. Hey, every gram counts at this level.

Beer certainly has a tasty ride, and we certainly wouldn’t say “no” if we were offered a go…

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