Purple Is the New Black At Rampage

Marzocchi have dusted off some of their vintage purple paint to adorn their athletes' suspension for Red Bull Rampage 2019. Check out all the details after the break, as there may be a consumer version in the works...

Bomber Purple is the new black. Okay, in this case, purple may more accurately be the new red but we needed a catchy headline, so hey. If you really want to get technical, purple isn't the new anything – Marzocchi forks have donned a plum hue beginning with the XC400 fork in the early '90s and carrying through to the fabled 55 RC3 Ti, and DJ1, to name a few. So really, this is just the latest chapter in Marzocchi's long – and colorful – history.


It's October and in the mountain bike world that means Red Bull Rampage, the most iconic freeride event of the year. Marzocchi riders have been Rampage frontrunners ever since the godfather, Wade Simmons won the very first edition in 2001. Beginning on Monday, October 21st, in an ode to Marzocchi's heritage, all team riders will be running custom Bomber Purple suspension as they take to the course. Look for Tyler McCaul, Reed Boggs, DJ Brandt, Thomas Genon, and Tom van Steenbergen to be on purple Bomber 58 forks and CR shocks as they continue to write out Marzocchi's legacy on the beautifully treacherous cliff faces of the Southern Utah desert.

Please note that there are no plans to sell Bomber Purple suspension components at this time but if enough interest is garnered then perhaps that could change....

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I remember being pretty mesmerized in the purple ano era. There was an aura of mysticism around all of those ano and polished bits. Placebo speed and performance factor was high, and it was real. Those were very good times. Now we are on the opposite side of the sphere - subdued greys, browns and greens - more mountain hipster and less 80's fallout. Thanks Yeti for keeping the teal bling through it all. And Zoke for busting out some nostalgia at the Rampage.


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