Pro BMX Rider Matt Roe Rips the Rocky Mountain Slayer

Video Rocky Mountain Bikes
Date Jan 15, 2019

Matt Roe has for years been considered as one of the most stylish riders on a BMX. His tire slides are next level, he's one of the only pro riders to consistently throw griz airs, and his dumped 3's impress. He also isn't a one trick pony, with skill in all aspects of BMX, from street to dirt. Those skills have seen him fortunate enough to have signature frames with Mutiny, signature parts from Fly Bikes BMX and travel the globe riding bikes. 

Recently Matt has taken a liking to mountain bikes and in 2018 he jumped aboard a Rocky Mountain Slayer. He's still on that bike and it looks like he's getting on with it well. HIs style and aggressive riding look to have transferred well to the larger wheels.

Roey showing some of the skills that got him a signature BMX frame and parts.

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