Pivot Mach 6 2018
2018 Pivot Mach 6

PIVOT - Back To Aluminum and Fresh Geo

Words Andrew Major
Date Oct 5, 2017

Carbon vs Aluminum

There's been no shortage of copy written about Pivot manufacturing the stiffest aluminum frames to the highest quality standards. Two years ago I had a couple of brief conversations with Pivot boss Chris Cocalis about the dearth of alloy bikes in their lineup. 

Chris' reasons were threefold. Established Pivot customers were demanding carbon frames. In very small batch numbers the price difference between high end carbon and aluminum frames isn't as large as customers expect. And, Pivot was not willing to go with lower quality aluminum manufacturing processes and materials just to hit lower price points. 

Pivot Mach 6 2018

Machined junctions, variable-wall-thickness aluminum hydroforming and DW-Link Suspension promise one very stiff aluminum frame. 

Pivot Mach 6 2018

The one piece dropout-disc mount assembly is an example of how small details are not an afterthought on the Mach 6 aluminum. 

At the time it seemed to me that most smaller manufacturers were abandoning aluminum frames. A combination of customer demand and the production numbers needed to amortize tooling and setup costs for high quality aluminum frames makes them much more competitive against the big players in the labour intensive boutique carbon market. 

Chris was optimistic however that Pivot would return to making aluminum frames on his term and at enough of a cost savings vs their carbon options to attract new customers and those looking for a Pivot at a lower price point. His plan was to share expensive frame junctions between various models in order to achieve the quantities needed.

To that end, I'm confident the new aluminum Pivot Mach 6 is foreshadowing aluminum versions of other popular selling bikes like the Switchblade and Firebird. Awesome.  

Pivot Mach 6 2018

The new Mach 6 aluminum is undoubtedly a Pivot. Anodized black is a safe bet but I'd love to see other colors - like the red or blue offered in the past - as anodized finishes really separate carbon from aluminum. 

Size Specific Geometry

In addition to the new aluminum frame Pivot is also releasing a brand new carbon Mach 6. Both frames share the same, size specific, geometry.

Pivot Mach 6 2018

As per Pivot: "the Medium, Large and Extra-Large Mach 6 sizes feature long and low enduro-style reach measurements while the Small and Extra-Small sizes feature a more compact reach for smaller riders. All sizes feature slack, 65.75 -degree head angles for maximum descending capabilities".

Both frames borrow from Pivot's downhill race experience to drive more descending prowess out of the 155mm platform. The design goals are of the "ultimate Enduro machine" variety as they look to surrender none of the previous Mach 6's climbing capabilities while improving stability and control descending. 

Pivot Mach 6 2018

The new 2018 Pivot Mach 6 Carbon. Internal cable routing. 

Pivot Mach 6 2018

The new 2018 Pivot Mach 6 Aluminum. External cable routing. 

Price Points

Between the new Mach 6 Aluminum and Mach 6 Carbon models, Pivot is hitting price points from $3900 (USD) to - $10,400 (USD). There will be both Shimano and SRAM drivetrain options at every level.

Pivot Mach 6 2018

The new Mach 6 carbon frame aims to build on the success of the previous model with update suspension kinematics and geometry.  

For more information on the new Mach 6 aluminum in anodized black or painted red check here.

For more information on the new Mach 6 carbon in black or blue check here

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Darryl Chereshkoff  - Oct. 5, 2017, 10:03 p.m.

No threaded BB on the aluminum frame? Damn.


Andrew Major  - Oct. 5, 2017, 11:11 p.m.

Pivot has used Pressfit 92 BB's since their very first frames. In fact, if my memory serves me correctly, they were the first mountain bike brand using PF-92 and were a development partner with Shimano. That would have been the first Mach-4 in ~2007. 

Stiffness was a prime design goal and like Rocky Mountain they actually do use the additional space afforded by using a PF shell to good effect. 

Not saying anyone should buy a frame with a PF BB if a threaded BB is a must on their checklist - merely that as Pivot has always used Pressfit it shouldn't come as a surprise that they alloy frames continue down that path after a decade of production.


MTBrent  - Oct. 6, 2017, 6:51 a.m.

What's with the lack of water bottle bosses on the inside of the aluminum frame?


+1 Vincent
Andrew Major  - Oct. 6, 2017, 7:30 a.m.

Great eye; I would have assumed it's just a production sample but looking at the tech docs the carbon schematic shows them and alloy doesn't.

I'll ask Pivot.


+2 Niels Andrew Major
Vincent  - Oct. 6, 2017, 8:45 p.m.

Great to see such a refined alloy option with cutting edge GEO from Pivot. I hope this becomes available as a frame only option w/ bottle mounts inside the front triangle. I agree a a color anodized version would be rad! Considering the 'greener' nature of alloy production, I would love to see more brands with higher-end options that aren't carbon.


+1 Andrew Major
James Vasilyev  - Oct. 8, 2017, 6:34 p.m.

alloy. so hot right now.


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