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Peaking: Nicholi Rogatkin

Video Red Bull TV

At only 20 years of age, Nicholi Rogatkin has already given us plenty to remember him by. One of the most spectacular crashes in Red Bull Rampage history - which he got up from and proceeded to finish his run; spinning trick combinations so mind-boggling they even leave commentators speechless; and of course, his signature visor-less full face.

Slopestyle is a funny sport. We can't relate, because the population of people on this earth who are capable of completing a Crankworx course, let alone tricking it, is not much larger than the cast of Saturday Night Live. The competitors themselves vary as much as they do in other sports, but it still seems like we don't get to know much about them until they get a little older - if ever. Which is what makes this 38-minute documentary about Rogatkin so compelling. Sure, it follows him through last year's Joyride campaign, but the insight into the Rampage crash and his perspective on risk, his family's history (they emigrated from Russia and settled in Boston), relationship with his father (his manager and coach), and approach to training and competing are all fascinating themes that we get to enjoy.

You may think you don't have 38 minutes to watch this, but by the time you get to the end, you'll be wishing it was twice as long - and hoping they make another mini-doc about Nicholi's 2017 campaign.

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