The Pack: 9 Dogs, 8 Riders and 2 minutes of Chaos

Date Oct 1, 2019

Chaos ensues in a new presentation from Tannus Armour, documenting how a group of dogs chose to celebrate International Dog Day. Eight Tannus riders brought nine experienced trail dogs to an evening of freeriding in Utah, unsure of what to expect.

What resulted was one of the wildest things seen on the mountain in recent years: full-on four-legged freeride. The whole crew was side-by-side, sliding, pack of dogs in tow, barrelling towards the camera. Some riders called one particular shot, “a real Lord of the Rings moment.”

Tannus Header

The natural features in the zone allowed for some artistic line choices from rider and dog alike. There wasn’t an official contest, but off the record it may have been Kona the Sheepadoodle or Poofy the 11-pound Pom-Shihtzhu sending the gnarliest lines.

All of the dogs had a fantastic day chasing their owners and playing with new friends.

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