Dirt Demo Day 1


Words Pete Roggeman
Photos Cam McRae
Date Sep 19, 2017

This is a fact: the Dirt Demo on day one had fewer people than you would see at a well-attended toonie race. Still had more tight shorts, though. And a hell of a lot more e-bikes. Even here, the e-bike demo zone was tucked away o'er the hill, out of sight. Security was checking passes on the way in. It seemed wrong to try to keep anybody out; more bodies would at least slow down all the tumbleweeds.

Otso Voytek

So the Wolftooth Components founders got bored or something and decided they wanted a bike brand of their own and Otso Cycles was born. We took a shine to the Voytek, which wears a lot of hats. There was a 21-lb fat bike version with a trail bike-like Q factor, but you can also run it 27-plus or as a 29er. And it has braze-ons everywhere, so you can carry lots of flasks and bottles and pumps and growlers and stuff - even a custom frame pack that bolts on (sorry, we didn't get a photo of it - we'll go back and get one tomorrow since there are only 12 booths to see).


The Otso Voytek comes stacked with Wolftooth stuff, naturally - like this ReMote. We couldn't confirm that WT's name for the colour of this anodizing is 'your pee after drinking in Vegas by the pool for 6 hours'.


Also from Wolftooth: a Direct Mount spider and a Camo stainless steel ring.


A B-Rad strap and accessory plate allows for an off-center bottle cage and a strap-on. What you strap on is your business.


Lots of clearance for 26 x 4.6" tires.


A tuning chip for wheelbase modifications of up to 20mm - 1139 - 1159mm for a Large).


Well, it is pumpkin season...

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Luix  - Sept. 19, 2017, 4:44 a.m.

I'm editing my comment because I think it was harsh and pretty much useless. Apologies to anyone who read it. I'll try to reformulate it:

I'm kinda puzzled by how these supposed expensive "upgrades" to fat bikes are being pushed.


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