OneUp EDC Collection with new Tubeless Plug
Sea Otter 2018

OneUp Shows Off New Parts & Accessories

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Only days after the OneUp Dropper Post was released the brand from Squamish were down in Sea Otter showing off a number of products yet to be seen by the public. Rather than larger scale products like their new dropper, these items are focused more on accessorizing their popular EDC tool, and improving the steering of your bike through the use of a new axle. 

EDC Tool Accessories

Since it launched, the EDC tool has been a hot product and with good reason. Making it easier for riders to ride without a pack but still carry the tools necessary to get them out of a jam is always going to be popular. The EDC tool, whether installed into your steerer tube or in one of their pumps, has the option of running a canister at the bottom, or you can opt to thread a C02 cartridge in its place. 

OneUp EDC Tubeless Plug

The EDC Tool ready to jab…

OneUp have now created a plug system that integrates into the tool in place of the C02 cartridge. The team mentioned having this tool loaded into the steerer mounted EDC tool makes it really quick to pull the tool from the stem and plug the hole before losing too much air. The canister that comes with the EDC tool can still be threaded over the plug jabber, and can still store the plugs and a couple of other bits and pieces. The kit will include the jabber and 15 tubeless plugs and will be available soon. Pricing is yet to be determined. 

Running the C02 cartridge can still be done if you have one of their EDC pumps and the team at OneUp mentioned that their current go-to setup is using the EDC with the plugs and jabber in the steerer tube of their bikes, with the C02 in their pump, or if you want to run a smaller pump you can do that and forego the C02 altogether.  

Also new is their small and lightweight quick link chain breaker. There is a quick link breaker integrated into their multi-tool currently but it can be a little tricky to use. The new tool makes it faster and easier to bust that chain open, trail-side. It’s been designed to slot into the canister, will fit with the tubeless plug kit, and when stored within the canister it wedges against the sides in an effort to make it rattle free on the trail. 

OneUp Axle F

Remember the article a few months back about quick release axles being up against the rise of integrated tools? Give it a read if you missed it, but OneUp seems to be on a similar page. It shouldn’t really be a surprise since the brand is pushing integrated tools themselves, but there’s more to their new Axle F than that. Durability and improving steering response, especially when riding hard, are focal points in the new axle. 

OneUp Axle F

To make the axle stiffer, OneUp increased the thickness of the walls and are claiming that the axle is 98% stiffer than stock axles, yet 20 grams lighter. Saving weight and increasing durability is somewhat of a unicorn, but the team say they’ve managed to do it. We’ll have a review up toward the end of the summer after we’ve beaten on it for a solid amount of time.

Based on our article on integrated tools threatening the quick release, it certainly won’t be for everyone with many happy to continue using the stock QR axles on their Fox and RockShox forks, but it’s a product that anyone who is looking to improve the durability and steering of their front end will likely be happy give a try. Why did we move away from 20mm axles again?

OneUp Axle F uses a hex key to tighten
OneUp Axle F has thicker walls to create a stiffer axle

The Axle F is currently available for Fox and RockShox forks and in regular 100x15 and 110x15 Boost widths. There are a couple of colors available depending on which fork the axle is for and they retail for 39.00 CAD / 30.00 USD. You can learn more about them on the OneUp website.

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