OneUp Components Introduces EDC Lite Multi-Tool

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In 2017 OneUp caused a mini sensation when they aimed their engineering and clever design skills towards the tool market. The EDC tool helped usher in the trend towards well-designed solutions for getting some of a rider's essentials out of their bags and onto their bikes, adding speed and convenience to mid-ride fixes while lightening packs or helping riders ditch them altogether.

We are big fans of the original OneUp EDC Tool, but there were issues for some riders: you needed to tap your steerer tube to run the original tool, voiding your warranty. The second version eliminated the need to tap the steerer but wasn't 100% flawless and would sometimes come loose mid-ride. The new Lite looks like a worthy successor - or alternative - to the original, depending on your needs. We've got a few EDC Lites on hand and will report back shortly on installation and use. For now, OneUp's official release, below, will fill you in on all the details.


OneUp's EDC Lite Multi-tool comes in seven colours - six of 'em shown here.

OneUp Components EDC Lite

EDC Lite is a 9 function Multi-Tool which contains your most used tools and is designed to live inside your stem/steerer tube.

Never get stuck without a Multi-Tool on a ride ever again.

MSRP $40, €40, £35, $53 CAD

9 Functions:

⬢ 2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8mm
⁕ T25 Torx
▬ Flat Head Screwdriver

EDC Lite is easy to install in 5 mins without removing your star nut or threading your steerer tube. Your headset is still preloaded using your star nut in the traditional way.


Cross-section of the EDC Lite assembly.


One of the original EDC tool's best features was how many useful functions it squeezed into a compact package.

Square OneUp-Components-EDC-Lite-Tool-Green-Assembled.jpg

The entire assembly. Installation should take 15 minutes or less and doesn't require special tools or skills.

EDC Lite adds just 75g to your bike weight and is perfect for carrying a tool on almost any bike with a star nut. See compatibility page for full details.

No need to remove your star nut or thread your steerer tube.

Light weight (Adds just 75g to your bike)

Available in 7 colours (Black, Red, Blue, Green, Orange, Purple, Turq)

Colour matched to OneUp Composite Pedals, Grips and Handlebar Decals.

Run a single Multi Tool on all your bikes (extra carriers are $15 USD each)

The EDC Lite Kit includes the 9-function multi- tool and everything you need to install and store it in your stem/steerer tube.


To install EDC Lite, you set your star nut 70mm deeper into your steerer tube using the provided setter bolt. Then replace your top cap with the EDC Lite Carrier, which is essentially a deep dished top cap with room for your tool.

Full instructions for the are here:

The OneUp EDC Lite is available now at


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+1 Pete Roggeman

Has anyone actually submitted a warranty claim on a fork that had been threaded for the original EDC and had that claimed denied because of it? I had a DVO that had loose bushings brand new and new lowers were sent. Twice. I went through Vorsprung where I had bought the fork and there was no mention of it. Certainly if the steer tube broke at a thread I can see a denial, but your lowers cracked or something else warrantable occurred unrelated to a threaded steer tube, what could be the basis for denying a claim?



This comment has been removed.

+1 Pete Roggeman

I haven't had any and we've had a number of creaky csu's replaced under warranty. Admittedly not exactly related but it's the closest I've come.



I've just bought one of these (awaiting delivery).  I can update on installation / use if anyone is interested.


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