OneUp Components DH Block

OneUp Components was one of the first companies to bring riders a 42 tooth aftermarket cog for their 10-speed setups. Now they’ve set their sights on the DH market, with the OneUp Components DH Block that mimics SRAM’s XO1 DH group set.

Upgrade your downhill bike to a 7 speed DH specific drivetrain. Shift Less, Whip More.

Get the major benefits of a 7 speed downhill specific groupset for a fraction of the cost. OneUp Components’ DH Block converts a 9,10 or 11 speed mountain cassette into a 6 or 7 speed downhill cassette, with integrated spoke protector and 2 tooth gear jumps through the majority of the cassette. Get faster, more responsive shifting; no more multiple shifts to find the right gear.


SRAM: Compatible with X01 DH as a lower cost cassette alternative. Buy a DH Block and a Shimano SLX 11-36T cassette and you have an 11-24T X01DH compatible 7 speed cassette for less than $100!


SHIMANO: Converting a 10 speed Shimano DH groupset to 7 speeds lets you take advantage of the great value ZEE rear derailleur and shifter combo.


· 9 speed mountain cassettes convert to 6 speed DH

· 10/11 speed mountain cassettes convert to 7 speed DH.

· 2 tooth jumps through the majority of the cassette with 11-36T base cassette

· 11-25 to 11-21 range depending on base cassette

· Shift through your entire cassette in only 2 shifts

· Weighs just 40g

· $45 USD

· Colours, green or black


Does the thought of an affordable 7-speed DH cassette tickle your fancy?

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Meh. 9-speed 11-28 road cassette. 10-speed Zee clutch derailleur. Sram shifter. Magic adapter. Silent bike and fast, crisp shifting with no redundant gear ratios. I like the one-up stuff, but this latest product is not the best solution to this particular problem.



a solution in search of a problem


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