Oisin O'Callaghan - One Dream

One year ago Oisin O’Callaghan was waiting in suspense to hear whether he would be one of the lucky two to be chosen as part of the YT MOB 2020. In the end, luck had little to do with the fact team owner Martin Whiteley picked Oisin as part of the crew: the junior racer had convinced the MOB and YT Industries with his commitment, passion, and perseverance. This year should have been his first Junior World Cup season on the way to a bright future with a career in downhill racing. Little did we know that the 17-year-old Irish lad was to experience a real rollercoaster ride before concluding his first UCI race by putting on the rainbow stripes. ‘One Dream’ pulls back the curtain allowing us to get to know Oisin (pronounced Ush-een) a bit better.

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