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NSMBA Trails for All Challenge

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From our friends at the NSMBA:

The trails are calling! This February, join us in a challenge to stay active, give back to the trails and connect with our amazing community. We’re challenging YOU to get out on the trails for 29 minutes for 29 days straight (yes, this year is a leap year).

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The NSMBA February Challenge is set! Log 29 minutes of activity for 29 days (enter for $29) and win awesome prizes in support of the North Shore trails.

Trails are for all, so we are opening this challenge up (BC-wide) to the broader user community. Bikers, trail runners, hikers and dog walkers are welcome! The goal is to stay active, raise funds for the trails and get involved with the community.

All entrants that complete the full 29 day challenge will receive a limited edition NSMBA tote bag & sticker pack.

If you complete a badge, you’ll be entered to win the prize associated with the badge – NSMBA Members get double entry into prizing on completed badges.

Sign up before February 1st - HERE

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+4 Pete Roggeman Cooper Quinn Skooks Sven Luebke

I’m not on the shore, but still stoked on this. Motivation for riding for the whole month. The prizes and donation are a bonus!


+1 Cooper Quinn

Open to anyone in BC!


+1 Cooper Quinn

Yup! All signed up!


+2 Cooper Quinn Skooks

Right on! Great timing to get people out more in an otherwise wet and dreary time of year.


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