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Date Nov 11, 2014

Editor’s Note: Sometimes NSMB.com and the NSMBA get mixed up. To be clear, you’re reading NSMB.com right now. We’re an online magazine. Those articles and reviews you read – and of course the viral videos – are what we do. However we also closely support the NSMBA – the North Shore Mountain Bike Association – in their efforts to preserve our trails and lay a foundation for future generations of riders. Whether you live on the North Shore or not, the NSMBA needs your support to ensure they can continue to do the great work they’ve been doing to take care of the trails. As a registered charity, donations to the NSMBA are tax-deductible, and right now your donation will be matched, which means the impact of your donation will be greater than ever.


Under the leadership of Trail Director Todd “Digger” Fiander, the NSMBA have been quietly digging themselves out of a trench for the past 5 years. Literally. With an army of volunteers aiding in the efforts, many of the trails have been restored to their original grandeur, or reborn entirely. The New Shore is showing some great promise as thousands of riders flock to the trails for a taste of this new gold. But the work is far from over…

As the NSMBA appears to be catching up and opening new doors, the Legacy Fund will provide the fuel to continue their work to save the trails, restore some free-ride classics and continue the rebuilding of that which was forgotten.

There’s no better time to give – the first $15,000 raised will be matched dollar for dollar!

The future looks bright, and with your help, even brighter. Give to the NSMBA Legacy Fund.

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“Our work is never done.” The Digger

NSMBA Launches the Legacy Fund Campaign

As long as there are trails, they will require our care – today and tomorrow.

Our work is made possible through your donations and support.

By giving to the NSMBA’s Legacy Fund you support our efforts to maintain today’s trails while contributing to future endeavours to expand & rebuild our trail network.


Classic Shore on Digger’s Skull. Photo: Mark Wood

To build, maintain and protect is our Legacy: There is no better time than now to give to the NSMBA Legacy Fund.

Thanks to a generous, anonymous donor, the first $15,000 raised will be matched. Now’s the time to dig deep – anything you give will be doubled!

Photo 2

Photo: Kevin Hill

Join in today’s efforts in building a better tomorrow. The NSMBA is a registered Canadian charity, and any donor contributing over $20 will receive a donation receipt.

The NSMBA Legacy Fund was created to strategically build our resources to ensure that we have a contingency reserve that will allow us to seize opportunities today and in the future. The funds will be directed towards projects that serve our Mission Statement: Trails for All, Trails Forever.

The NSMBA has become a leader in the emerging field of sustainable trail solutions. Educational initiatives, local and regional, are focused on long-term care. Our community has become a mobilized army of volunteers led by specially trained divisions that includes the Shore Corps, the Trail Adoption Plan, the soon to be launched North Shore Watchmen, and of course, our elite team of NSMBA Builders. The Legacy Fund will also be used to continue this training as well as equip our builders with the education, the tools and the resources to achieve our mission.

Photo 3

Want more of this? Give to the Legacy Fund. Photo: Mark Wood

Our goal is to serve the MTB community to create a balanced network that provides challenge and progression for all. Our evolving work plan includes the continued revitalization and maintenance of our existing network, replacement of expiring wood structures and increasing connectivity by developing ascent trails. Since the re-birth of the organization in 2010, much of our work has focused on developing beginner & intermediate options that were noticeably missing in our inventory. At the same time, much of the network was in a severely neglected state, requiring huge amounts of labour to reconstitute trail beds, address erosion and undo the cruel hands of time. As we continue the work to revitalize our network, our focus into the future includes opportunities for the advanced rider… after all, it’s what put the Shore on the map.

Photo 4

It takes all of us, working together, to make a difference. Photo: Pure Souls Media

Me? We…

The New Shore includes all of us.

Give to the NSMBA Legacy Fund to create opportunity for all of us for today and into the future.

For those about to give, we salute you.

Our Trails, Our Legacy

Give to the NSMBA Legacy Fund

Photo 5

Jeff Bryson runs the gauntlet on Lower Ladies, another Digger classic. Photo: Mark Wood.

In case you missed it, work on advanced trails is on the horizon…



Gord SB B  - Nov. 14, 2014, 10:38 a.m.

"In case you missed it, work on advanced trails is on the horizon…"

This is good news, but the above is the last sentence at end of the article, orphaned below a photo- and this sentence did not appear in the same Pinkbike segment.

Lever up advanced $ donations by making more of a mention in the body of the Release- IMO.

If only donators could "assign" their donations to a "For Advanced Trails Only" category on submission with a check mark.

This would provide the NSMBA a first metric of where people are willing to put their money- albeit into this bucket, or any other buckets you determine.

As I have indicated to the Upper Lands Working Group, you cannot manage what you cannot measure. Hence the MTB Cypress Survey, and the document that followed as an introductory view as to the state of Cypress.

If we could get the voice of the members of the NSMBA to give input, then, I think it goes a long way for the Directors to keep a pulse on the membership.

Being the voice of the North Shore community also has a flip side, being open to listening.

Maybe a NSMBA SurveyMonkey survey is in the off'ing?… I still have the capability (Survey Monkey Pro account) to undertake for the NSMBA should you be interested.

But I do not know what I do not know about running the association. Just a random thought.


markmass  - Nov. 12, 2014, 5:49 p.m.

Chimp doesn't work! It keeps on hitting the same unknown error when trying to process my credit card donation! I'm based in CA, USA if that matters.


Rachid  - Nov. 14, 2014, 4:02 p.m.

Hi Mark,

Thank you for your support!

You can try donating using your credit card (using a different Chimp process to the one described above) by going to the button on our webpage (top left corner):

Rachid (NSMBA Treasurer)


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