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NSMBA Fiver Season Dates and Details for 2024

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The NSMBA's Fiver season is back. Fivers are a great way to ride with others, make new friends or have fun with old ones, support your local trail association and engage in a little light-hearted race action. Well, for most. Some take it seriously, others wear costumes and have fun riding on closed tracks and then snagging some free post-Fiver food and drinks. So-named because they cost only five bucks to enter (in addition to your NSMBA membership - now's the time!) they're a great value and perfect for a little mid-week entertainment.

If you've been to a Fiver before, this is your calendar-marking signal. If you've never tried out a Fiver, get out to an early one (registration space is limited) and check it out - they are a LOT of fun. All the details from the NSMBA are below.

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New for 2024:

Pre-registration for Casual / Youth Fiver - April 18
We will be testing pre-registration for Casual/Youth Fivers to help organizers plan for the food and beverage at the aprés
Registration will be open for one week before the event

Class 1 E-bikes!
For the first time, we will introduce a category for Class 1(pedal assist) E-bikes (capped at 20 per round)
E-bike riders will have an earlier start time, and depart first

Volunteers Needed:

Interested in volunteering at our upcoming Fiver events but not sure what is involved? We've updated our Volunteer FAQ and Volunteer contact sheet sign-up. Learn more & Sign up.

NSMBA Fiver Calendar dates:

April 13 – Learn to Fiver on Fromme – 10am
April 18 – Casual & Youth Fiver on Fromme – 5:30pm
May 2 – Classic Fiver on Fromme – 5:30pm
May 16 – Classic Fiver on Seymour – 5:30pm
May 30 – Classic Fiver on Seymour – 5:30pm
June 13 – Classic Fiver on Seymour – 5:30pm
June 27 – Casual & Youth Fiver on Seymour – 5:30pm
July 11 – WTNB Fiver on Fromme – 5:30pm
September 12 – WTNB Fiver on Fromme – 5:30pm
September 28 – TwentyFiver on Fromme & Family Fun Event – 10:00am

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